Custom Eyelash Boxes – Transparent Vs. Opaque

Product exhibit or display through die-cut transparent windows is found to be a preferred attribute of the eyelash boxes, which is linked to buying behavior. In the light of consumers’ preferences and requirements, the eyelash boxes with a transparent cover and with an opaque cover (i.e., with and without the attribute of transparency) are both preferred by the consumers. However, each packaging type has been known for its pros and cons.

The Packaging Republic’s team of packaging experts suggests that transparent custom eyelash boxes are more functional and instrumental, as these packaging boxes allow the direct presentation of the product (artificial eyelashes in this case). However, a few targeted consumers have considered these boxes to be less aesthetic and less symbolic of product quality, as it precludes extensive use of colors and images.

Opaque packaging, in turn, is less instrumental yet is likely to be perceived as more aesthetic and more indicative of product quality. However, a group of consumers has also stated that they prefer buying the eyelashes from transparent packaging as the window allows them to see the product, which ultimately enables them to get an idea about the eyelash color, thickness, size, and quality. They had claimed that a few brands claim their eyelashes to be made of original hair, which was not the case when they opened the custom eyelash boxes. Seeing the product through the transparent window gives them a sense of trust and confidence and an ability to make an informed decision regarding product purchase.

Cutting through the Shelf Clutter

From a marketing perspective, the essential function of a compelling eyelash packaging box is its ability to cut through the shelf clutter and grab consumers’ attention. If consumers are not attracted to the packaging, purchase intentions are depressed, and the other functions become useless. Supporting this reasoning, the consumer’s sensory experience is more influential than the product’s attributes in determining consumer behavior. The packaging and branding experts have repeatedly emphasized the importance of visual attention in the in-store buying process. They suggest that visual elements of eyelash packaging box such as shape, color, and contrast, can attract attention and impact buying behavior regardless of the product’s specific features.

Communicative Power of Eyelash Packaging Box

Considering the time we are living in, cosmetics and makeup products have become low involvement in nature. Therefore, the consumers typically make purchase decisions for such products based on a quick reaction to the appearance of the packaging boxes rather than a careful examination of product information. Based on this assumption, opaque packaging can be predicted to have more power to attract consumers’ attention due to its higher aesthetics, which is considered less influential here.

Every brand’s most essential considerations visa`-vis the packaging is the communication of the symbolic messages that the brand wants to convey and the packaging’s impact on sales volume and production costs. With these two sometimes contradictory objectives in mind, a colorful, compelling package is designed. The image on the box and its bright colors aim to attract women’s attention to these items on the supermarket’s cosmetics shelves. The packaging is designed to be perceived as young and communicate the message that the eyelashes are made of natural hair and are easy to apply. Read more the UK time.

All information on the packaging (hair information, quality assessment information, company contact details, brand name, thickness, and logo) must also be written on the packaging.

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