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We’re sure that you might be using Microsoft Outlook or maybe Apple Mail that’s why you want to Convert EML to PDF on Mac. Being a user of Outlook or any other email client is fine but the problem arises if you want to print your emails or you want your emails to be converted to PDF format for easy accessibility and editing options. There are various reasons as to why people want to convert their EML messages into PDF, – to share their bulk of EML files into PDF format with the boss, or there could be a sudden need to print the crucial emails, for example, a student’s admission form, or meeting summary for some private company.

An EML file is generally produced by Microsoft Outlook or other emailing platforms like Apple Mail. Thus, because of its popularity and demand, the EML file is being used commonly to store individual email messages. However, the only problem that comes across the users is to find the best technique to Convert EML to PDF on Mac. Whereas, PDF is the standard file format so if you have converted your emails into PDF then you are at the safest place. Also, converting your EML files into PDF is the safest option because maybe your Email client stop working, and, then, in this case, you’ll not be able to access the same.

So, it is the right time to save and protect your crucial emails and keep them on your Machine. In this article, we would try to explain the most probable Tool to Convert EML to PDF on Mac. This is the most reliable and trusted wizard, read the article carefully.

Why We Convert EML to Adobe PDF?

Listed here are some of the major traits or benefits of PDF files i.e., the reasons why we export EML to PDF format.

  • The PDF file takes a little space of hard drive as it has Compression algorithms that tend to compress the images while retaining their original resolution.
  • The PDF is platform-independent and thus it can be opened on any device and OS without any hassle. It retains the same file format as it was in the original structure.
  • You can easily edit, view, or access it without any trouble, while there is software that even allow you to sign in the PDF if required.
  • There are customizable security options that even allow you to restrict some users to edit or print it, the control will be in your hands.
  • PDF comes with an advanced security feature that includes 2-options, a user password, and a master password.

As you might have read, it is very important to Convert your crucial emails into PDF and then secure them using the passwords that PDF offers.

The common practice of saving EML files directly from a different email client using the print method will not only take you time but might end up converting without maintaining the data integrity or email structure.

The Robust Alternative Method to Convert Batches of EML to PDF

Therefore, here I would suggest all the Mac using a tool called – MacUncle EML to PDF Converter. With the help of this tool, you can quickly and accurately Convert EML to PDF on Mac. This wizard performs your task effortlessly without any trouble. The software converts the entire content of the email including attachments into PDF and then you can easily print it out or save it on your Machine. The application is purely a standalone one you don’t any external software or application for its installation.

The tool provides you with dual options to upload EML files into the software, you can upload either in bulk quantity or selectively using the Filter options. With which View EML files on Mac. The application is a user-friendly one you don’t need any technical assistance from outside. The application maintains and manages the folder hierarchy and prevents data loss. You just have to give the command to the software while the rest of the work would be done by the application alone. The tool provides free conversion of 25 EML files to PDF, get ready and avail the opportunity now.

Steps to Convert EML to PDF on Mac 

Follow the steps carefully to do the procedure rightly and with full concentration: –

  1. Start the software on your Machine.
  2. Now use the Add File or Add Folder option to upload the EML file to the software you want to convert.
  3. Then select the PDF option under the Choose Save Options option.
  4. Further, choose the destination location and File Naming option.
  5. Finally, click the export button.

You will receive notifications regarding the successful completion of the same.

Pro & Golden Features of the Wizard 

Here are the major benefits of using the EML to PDF exporter tool: –

  • The software is faster and produces 100% accurate results, thus you don’t have to worry about it.
  • The application provides you with a dual-mode of batch or selective loading of EML files into the software.
  • The wizard saves and manages the folder hierarchy during and after the conversion.
  • The tool provides you the flexibility to choose the destination location and unlimited file naming options.
  • The wizard supports all the latest versions of Mac OS like 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, etc.

Final Verdict 

The blog explains to you the need as to why you must Convert your EML files into PDF. PDF is the popular and the demanding file format of all times and simultaneously provides advanced security options. Users who wish to save their important emails, convert the emails into PDF for future use. So, we have come up with the Exotic tool to help you with, EML to PDF Converter. This tool serves the best, you can quickly in just a few steps convert your EML files into PDF accurately. The wizard is secure and provides you with flexible options to choose the destination path of the resultant PDF files and unlimited File Naming options.

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