Common Problems While Installing Ducted Air Conditioner

If you have purchased a ducted air conditioning unit, you can hardly wait to install it to stay calm and comfortable during the summer. Remember that errors during the installation of the air conditioning system can run into huge expenses. Moreover, improper installation can interfere with the operation of the AC. Therefore, you have to note the common problems that may arise during the installation of the ducted AC.

The following are a few reasons why you should pay heed to the work of installation.

  1. Proper installation work can reduce the cost of servicing your AC and also extend its life. Therefore, you should appoint a reliable ducted air conditioning service to ensure that the work of installing the AC is perfect.
  2. To enhance the level of comfort, the technicians pay attention to the size and design of the ductwork, settings of the AC, and ventilation.
  3. It would help if you chose an installer with adequate expertise to ensure that ducted AC has proper ventilation and makes minimum noise.

Problems during installation

Despite choosing an excellent brand of ducted AC, you may face a few hassles during the work of installation. Here are a few issues you may encounter.

  • Getting a good installer

The first step you should consider before buying a ducted AC is choosing the best installer. You may come across a host of companies specialising in the installation of ducted AC, but you should research properly to find out how reliable and experienced they are for installing the system. Be sure to talk to a few companies and their previous clients to understand their expertise while installing a ducted AC.

  • Size of the unit

Choosing the wrong size of AC is the biggest hurdle during the installation of the ducted AC. Choosing an oversized AC can prevent the unit from performing the function of dehumidification. Moreover, it can make the unit prone to frequent disruptions

  • Home size

If you fail to consider the size of our home, the purchase of the ducted AC may be a wrong decision. The height of the ceiling, the size of the property and the windows are a few factors to consider. Furthermore, it would help if you also remembered the direction your house is facing during the installation of the ducted AC.

  • Faulty wiring 

Another problem that may arise during the installation of a ducted AC is a mistake in wiring. Therefore, you need to ensure that the air conditioning service. Inadequate or poor wiring system not only interferes with the functioning of the unit but makes the home unsafe for living.

  • Wrong installation technique 

Even if you appoint a reliable contractor to install a ducted AC machine, cheap materials, and poor knowledge of the workers can hamper the work of installation. For instance, improper assembly of ducts, ignoring gaps and cracks, or using tape as a sealant are some of the reasons the work of installation can go wrong and enhance your energy bills every month.

  • Creating air distribution design

The system and the design of the duct should match the equipment and space. For instance, the size of the duct should also match the output of the unit. The installers should change the ductwork instead of relying on the previous design.

If you choose the wrong AC service, the work of installation can suffer immensely. A reputed installation company plans the work correctly before starting work to stay away from problems.

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