Budget-Friendly Bridesmaid Saree Options for Every Bride

When it comes to weddings, bridesmaids play a crucial role in supporting the bride on her special day. As a bride, you want your bridesmaids to look stunning and feel comfortable in their attire. One popular choice for bridesmaid attire is the saree. It’s a classic and elegant option that suits various wedding themes. However, finding the perfect bridesmaid sarees that are budget-friendly and easy to wear can be a challenge. That’s why we’re here to guide you through some excellent options for bridesmaid sarees, including readymade sarees for weddings, ready-to-wear sarees, and prestitched sarees, all available for online shopping in India.

1. Bridesmaid Saree: The Timeless Choice

The traditional saree has an undeniable charm that makes it a top choice for bridesmaids. Its versatility allows you to experiment with different draping styles to suit your bridesmaids’ preferences and body types. However, the challenge often lies in finding budget-friendly sarees that are easy to wear, especially for those who may not be familiar with traditional saree draping techniques.

2. Readymade Saree for Wedding: The Convenient Option

One way to make the bridesmaid saree selection process easier is by opting for readymade sarees designed specifically for weddings. These sarees come pre-draped and are a fantastic choice for bridesmaids who may not be well-versed in saree draping. They save time and eliminate the need for intricate pleating and tucking, allowing your bridesmaids to focus on celebrating your big day.

3. Ready to Wear Saree: The Effortless Elegance

Ready-to-wear sarees are similar to readymade sarees but with a bit more room for customization. These sarees often come with pre-pleated fabric that can be draped quickly. Bridesmaids can personalize the saree by adjusting the length and pleats to their comfort. This option offers a perfect balance between convenience and style.

4. Prestitched Saree: The Modern Twist

For a truly hassle-free experience, consider prestitched sarees for your bridesmaids. These sarees are tailored to perfection, ensuring a flawless drape every time. Bridesmaids can slip into them like dresses, and the saree pallu is often pre-attached, making it easy to manage. It’s a contemporary take on the traditional attire that combines elegance with simplicity.

5. Ready to Wear Saree Online Shopping in India: A Convenient Solution

In today’s digital age, online shopping has become the go-to option for many brides-to-be and their bridesmaids. The convenience of browsing through a wide range of bridesmaid sarees, comparing prices, and reading reviews makes it easier to find budget-friendly options. There are numerous online stores in India that specialize in readymade sarees, ready-to-wear sarees, and prestitched sarees, allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home.

6. Readymade Saree Online: Exploring Your Options

To kickstart your search, consider exploring popular online platforms that offer readymade sarees for weddings. Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many others feature a vast selection of bridesmaid sarees in various colors, styles, and price ranges. Don’t forget to use filters to narrow down your choices based on your budget and preferred specifications.

8. Mix and Match Saree Blouses: Versatility on a Budget

When it comes to budget-friendly bridesmaid sarees, one clever strategy is to mix and match sarees with blouses. By investing in a few beautiful sarees and a variety of blouses, bridesmaids can create multiple looks without breaking the bank. This approach not only adds versatility to their wardrobes but also allows them to express their individual styles.

9. Handloom Sarees: Elegance with a Cause

Handloom sarees are not only elegant but also promote the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship. Many regions in India produce exquisite handloom sarees that are affordable. By choosing handloom sarees for bridesmaids, you not only contribute to the preservation of traditional weaving techniques but also provide your bridal party with unique and budget-friendly attire.

10. Simple Yet Elegant Embroidery: Affordable Glamour

If you desire a touch of glamour without exceeding your budget, consider sarees with simple and elegant embroidery. Embroidered borders or motifs can transform a plain saree into a dazzling piece of attire. Look for sarees with minimal but impactful embellishments to achieve the perfect blend of affordability and elegance.

11. Second-Hand Sarees: Sustainable and Budget-Friendly

Sustainability is a growing concern, and choosing second-hand bridesmaid sarees is an eco-friendly and budget-conscious option. Many vintage and thrift stores offer gently-used sarees at a fraction of the original price. With a bit of hunting and a keen eye, you can discover unique and budget-friendly sarees that make a positive impact on the environment.

12. Wholesale Saree Markets: Hidden Gems

If you have a large bridal party and need multiple bridesmaid sarees, consider exploring wholesale saree markets. These markets often offer sarees at wholesale prices, which can lead to substantial savings. You may find a wide range of saree options, from traditional to contemporary, in these bustling markets.

13. DIY Saree Customization: A Personal Touch

For bridesmaids who enjoy crafting, consider adding a personal touch to budget-friendly sarees through DIY customization. This can include adding decorative elements like sequins, beads, or fabric paints to create unique designs. DIY customization not only allows bridesmaids to save money but also adds a sentimental touch to their sarees.

In conclusion, finding budget-friendly bridesmaid sarees that are easy to wear is indeed possible. Whether you opt for readymade sarees, ready-to-wear sarees, or prestitched sarees, there are plenty

Written by Zoysa

Every saree is a work of art.  As a second-generation Indian in the USA I would look forward to an opportunity to wear a saree with excitement and anxiety. Though I absolutely love the look and feel of the beautiful designs and fabrics, wearing a saree was such a hassle - Starting from what to wear it with to how to make it stay on and how many pins I may need to make it stay in place.The creation of One Minute Saree was kismet.  I love sarees, but I rarely wore them. My last experience prior to starting One Minute Saree was several years ago. I had been to a wedding with my 4 and 1 year old daughter and despite my better judgement, mustered the confidence to wear a saree.  It looked beautiful, but I found myself running to the ladies room every 30 minutes to adjust and fix the darn thing.  Two small children pulling at it form every side didn't help.  I was utterly traumatized by the experience.


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