Brazilian Sugar Types And Potential Benefits

Brazilian sugar is famous since the colonial period. Sugarcane has to turn out to be one of the core crops of the Brazilian family. Brazil is the first to produce sugar and ethanol, and conquest and is the largest producer of sugar cane increasingly in the foreign market using biofuels as an energy substitute.

Various Sugar ICUMSA suppliers believe sugarcane represents the renewable and versatile culture, which is a reasonable basis of clean energy and raw material products. Today, Brazil is the world’s largest manufacturer of sugarcane. The rejuvenation of 430 plants is in process in the country, with the implementation of new technologies. These plants produce ethanol, sugar, and bioelectricity, strengthen the sector, and be renowned worldwide for their innovative and productive efficacy.

Moreover, about 90% of the Brazilian sugar cane manufacturing is harvested in South-Central area, especially in São Paulo, bookkeeping for 60%. Here are some of the types of Brazilian sugar and few types of sugar canes through which we get these sugar forms.

Types and Specification of Main Brazilian Sugar

There are different types of sugar cane from which we get different types of sugars. Some of the kinds of sugarcane are:

  • Chewing canes – These are sugarcane variations with a soft, fibrous middle that is excellent for chewing. The fibers stick together as you chew so that you can quickly spit it out once the sugar is useless and tasteless.
  • Syrup canes – We have numerous sugar kinds that don’t crystallize quickly but are suitable for making sugar syrup. They are used in the home garden but also uses commercially.
  • Cristal canes – Crystal canes are primarily commercial variations with high concentrations of sucrose helps in making crystallized table sugar.

What is ICUMSA?

ICUMSA is a global body that organized the National Committees’ actions for Sugar Analysis in more than thirty affiliate nations. An ICUMSA rating is a worldwide unit for conveying the purity and clarity of the sugar in the substance and is directly related to the sugar’s color. Be mindful that there are different kinds of ICUMSA units. For Brazilian sugar, the lesser the ICUM ICUMSA 600-1200 Sugar, and the most fined in ICUMA 45. So, let’s take a deep look into these types of ICUMA sugar types and their characteristic.

Advantages of ICUMSA SUGAR

  • It has a high-calorie content that bids body energy that you lack. Though it can only give your short bust of improved productivity, and all that vitality is short-lived.
  • Eating a large amount of sweet and sour food can only fall the efficacy of the pancreas, but using high-quality sugar ensures fewer health risks.
  • Sugar glycolic acid is highly advantageous for preserving the health and look of your skin. Also, reinstating the stability in the skin’s oils and excludes blemishes.
  • These sugars are less processed and comprise only natural elements that can be treated quickly by our metabolism.
  • They are also helpful to sustain the blood and insulin level of the body.
  • It is full of nutrients and minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium will not be considered present in other industrially refined sugar.

ICUMSA 600-1200 Sugar

ICUMSA 600-1200 Sugar is known as brown sugar and is 100% raw, refined sugar composed after the first crystallization process of sugar cane. It is brownish and thicker than the white ICUMSA 45, known as white sugar. Also, the raw brown sugar that we get from sugar cane, when fully refined, comprises about 70% white sugar. Moreover, they sub-divides into brown sugar, light brown, and dark brown.

Brown sugars

Brown sugar can easily attain by mixing white sugar with various amounts of molasses or boiling brown sugar syrup. It is raw and unrefined cane sugar that comes with molasses. Brown sugars incline to gather because they comprise more moisture than white sugars, letting baked goods retain water well and persist chewy.

Light brown sugar

Light brown sugar, sometimes recognized as Demerara sugar or raw cane sugar. It is frequently helpful in sauces and most baked goods. It is a partly treated sugar that retains more of the molasses undoubtedly present.

Dark brown sugar

Dark brown sugar has a more deep and darker color and a more robust molasses flavor than light brown sugar. The rich, full flavor of the dark brown sugar makes it ideal for beans, gingerbread, barbecue, and other full-flavored foods. The crystals are somewhat thicker and stickier than consistent brown sugar, providing that sugar a sandy texture.

ICUMSA 45 sugar

Sugar ICUMSA supplier considers it is the most refined sugar among the rest of the sugar.  Today, like white sugar, sugar traders are one of the most wanted after by sugar traders worldwide due to their pureness and brightness. ICUMSA 45 sugar has a sparkling white color and is highly superior and marked as the highest quality sugar accessible on the market today.

Moreover, these types of sugar are more suitable for human consumption and use in various food products. In addition, it has a high demand because it is safer since its refining process eliminates bacteria and contaminants existing in raw sugars.

Also, it has 99.8% sucrose in its composition, making them highly pure and allowing them to store up to 2 years easily. Further, it has a controlled crystallization process through which it dissolves the sugar crystals and achieves the highest purity in the sugar.


ICUMSA 150 is today known as crystal sugar, and Sugar ICUMSA supplier supplies in a massive range on a large scale as it is beneficial in baking and the production of drinks and food. But how is it formed? The crystallization process comprises these sugars, and they do not go through chemical refining. This crystal sugar serves as a lower-cost supernumerary for ICUMSA 45 sugar, recognized as traditional white sugar, smooth more because it comprises fewer chemicals in its structure.

These glasses or special crystal sugar are labeled as the sugar attained by controlled crystallization of the preserved and treated cane juice. Also, the ICUMSA 150 has a low soluble solids content, tends to a white lighter color, and can be kept this sugar for up to two years.

Moreover, the crystal sugar goes through a clarification process using sulphation and chalk. It comprises regular and fine crystal with high brightness and 99.5% purity, extensively used to produce carbonated drinks, juices, ice cream, liqueurs, and sweets.

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