A Comprehensive Guide Of Methods For Unlocking Your Car

You may encounter car keys losing, missing, and breaking in your daily life. However, what would happen if you forgot your keys inside the car? So, mostly in case of such emergencies, car owners seek car unlock services from professional repairers to get back on the road or resume their work on time. However, some drivers like to troubleshoot their car emergencies on their own, while others avoid calling because of the time and money it will cost. So here is an insightful guide comprising various methods for unlocking your car.

Methods to unlock your vehicle – modern cars and trucks

Different types of vehicles have different types of locks with the innovation in automotive technology. For example, one can unlock a modern vehicle with the push of a button. In contrast, the scenario differs for older vehicles with keys and manual software. Thus, the respective unlocking methods will also vary depending on the car.

Once you know about them, you can quickly solve this complex riddle. Some of these helpful tricky tips are as follows:

  • Automatic buttons on the modern car

If you are a modern car owner. Then, you can use these tools to unlock the car doors. In the case of not having automatic buttons, car drivers pull the car doors with these tips and tricks. However, a modern car has two kinds of unlocking buttons. You should observe whether you have drawn or pressed buttons. Then, you will decide which tools will easily access your car’s controls to unlock them.

  • Use the string to unlock your car.

The next one of the different methods for unlocking your car is using a string. Tie up the shoestring around the locking area of your car. Try to push the string into the car’s body. Moreover, clasp the string and fasten up the loop. Once you make sure that you have adjusted your grip, now, you can pull the string in a forward direction. It is one of the simplest ways to get your vehicle back on track with safety. However, applying more pressure can damage your car. You can break its windows and doors, and pulling its lock with high intensity can defame its shape also.

  • Use plastic wedges

If you have a car with pull-up locks, plastic straps or wedges are an easy way to use. Moreover, this guide for manually unlocking your car is helpful. Bend the plastic wedges or strap and move it to the car’s corner. Having one end in your hand, pull the strip after it approaches the car’s end. In this way, your car gets unlocked.

  • Use a coat hanger for horizontal locks.

Unlocking the car is a dominant inconvenient, and frustrating incident for a driver. However, some vehicles have pull-up and horizontal locks. So you can, by using a coat hanger, fix this issue. If your vehicle is manual, then try to fix the lock by incorporating a hanger into the door frame. Moreover, you may thread the hanger through the windows in automatic cars. It, in turn, can unlock the electronic doors of a car. Wire hangers can also assist in the car unlocking procedure. However, the drawback of using a wire hanger is that it can defame the car’s rubber. The car’s rubbers keep the doors intact. In case of any damage, you might have to replace it.


Remember, the above methods for unlocking your car can be used as a guide only in the case of modern cars and trucks. Additionally, this can break or defame your vehicle and its parts. To avoid any damage, calling a car locksmith is a reliable solution.


Resolve the car locking problem with a screwdriver – for traditional vehicles.

Another easy and manual method for unlocking your car doors is with the help of a screwdriver. We can use a screwdriver as a wedge to make the gap between the car and its door. Move the rod towards the locked door. Later, it unlocks the locked button. It is one of the manual methods for unlocking your car effectively. A screwdriver’s broken handle and twisted blade can cause severe physical injury to the hands. It can also damage the lock pins, door frame, and car locking mechanism. When using a screwdriver to lock your car, you should be cautious. In impossible situations, it’s better to access a car locksmith to approach your vehicle successfully.

Beware of the damage of unlocking the vehicle yourself.

However, these methods can also damage your vehicles if you don’t handle them properly. Also, in the worst scenario, you might eventually spend more on your car because of unprofessional unlocking. Therefore, it is best to search for a practical yet safe way to get your automatic electronic and traditional vehicles unlocked – key replacement. Also, the precondition is the driver having a little know-how of the locks of their vehicles before getting into these methods. Given drivers’ concerns about the damage, let’s check out whether one should do it themselves or access a reliable locksmith to get the car out of the problem.


Wondering, should you access tools or call a locksmith to unlock your locked car?

After analyzing the situation’s intensity, you need to decide on one of the two given options. That is, you access manual tools or call a locksmith in any emergency case. In some cases, people can search for their spare keys. However, if the spare car keys are not readily accessible, it is better to access the car key replacement service to avoid any extreme loss and save money.

With the increasing complexity of automotive technology, it is more feasible to call a car locksmith instead of implementing manual labor. Moreover, modern keys consist of electronic components and programming, unlike older keys made manually.

So, many car owners consider two factors:

  • Availability of tools: you can use manual car tools in immediate confusion. You can use plastic wedges, coat hunger, shoestring, or other equipment to cater to your locked car. You can achieve your goal with these tools. But they can cause severe injuries or defame your vehicle. On the other hand, it is better to seek a reliable car recovery services provider or a locksmith to resolve your issue effectively. Using improvised tools can damage your cars. Car locksmiths can do it more vigilantly than you to avoid any harm.
  • Cost locksmith can charge: The locksmith car charge can vary from $50 to $150. You can unlock your car yourself if you have insufficient money and can tackle minor car damage. However, if you find a cheap car locksmith and have an amount to spend, you should go for it.

Final note

Car accidents are always stressful and frustrating. However, in many cases, severe breakdowns and accidents need different recovery services. In a nutshell, in handling vehicle breakdown issues, car unlock issues, and car key replacement issues, reliable car recovery services can better meet the needs. Experts at such services know how to fix a vehicle’s broken components, fix car-locked doors, or any other technical methods for unlocking your car in a short time. Another benefit of the services is the technical assistance and timely availability at affordable rates.

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