A Beginner’s Guidebook for Buying Bike Repair Accessories

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Motorbikes frequently entice their owners to engage in some tinkering. Perhaps it’s because you can easily access the components once you have acquired the necessary bike repair accessories. But, for whatever reason, motorcycle enthusiasts prefer to modify and maintain their vehicles. 

Simply put, they only delegate the most complex tasks to the mechanics at their neighborhood shop. However, what is the situation if the owner is a novice at riding a motorcycle or bike riding accessories? What is the first step? First, it’s worth mentioning that most aspiring mechanics begin with a basic set of tools, such as a Paddock stand for a bike. 

If you browse carefully, you will be in for a bargain on high-quality tools. In addition, although they might not be immediately evident, some specialist bike repair accessories can simplify your tinkering.

  1. Front And Back Stands

The industry insiders are happy to acknowledge that certain traditional motorcycles are again coming with center stands. Simply put, your work will be simple if your bike is upright and, on a stand, making your tinkering considerably easier. 

Although not all motorcycles have room for a rear stand, it is a wise purchase if yours does. Furthermore, front and rare stands can provide a stable posture for your bike, allowing you to do other maintenance tasks. 

  1. Turning Wrench

There’s no denying that the earlier generations detest torque wrenches. For one, they are incredibly pricey. Nevertheless, you must realize that motorcycles have evolved, and manufacturing tolerances have become considerably tighter. Therefore, if you utilize the proper torque for each element as you reassemble your bike, you’ll feel more satisfied with your efforts.

  1. Wrenches With a Ratchet Mechanism

You can always work your way around with just a basic set of combination wrenches. However, the number of tiny spaces a regular ratchet won’t fit into will amaze you. 

Additionally, specific wrenches allow you to ratchet in extremely minute areas with a constrained rotation angle. This is why using a combination wrench with a ratchet on one end will be convenient and time-efficient in those circumstances.

  1. Cable Luber

Remember that cable lumbers don’t come at a great price if you are a first-timer when exploring bike repair accessories. However, they often prove to be invaluable when it comes to lubricating the wires on your motorcycle. 

Most car owners find solace in realizing that their cables will last a long time once the lube bubbles out the far end of the cable. Of course, a certain fraction of people may object to lowly Luber on this list since many bikes have a ride-by-wire throttle. However, one of the pleasures of riding a motorcycle is experiencing a smooth clutch engagement.

  1. Smart Battery Charger

People would be riding their motorcycles daily if the world was ideal. To put it simply, most people have to park their bikes periodically, unlike a few tough aficionados. A dynamic battery charger can significantly increase your battery’s longevity when your vehicle is idle for longer than a few days.

According to the experts, these chargers oversee the battery conditioning in your bike. They will ideally begin actively charging it when the voltage falls below a specific level. The charger switches back to float mode once the correct voltage is available to maintain your bike’s suitable range. Therefore, you must ideally consider the right charger for the battery in your motorcycle.

  1. Multi-Meter

If you are a novice at picking bike repair accessories, note that a multi-meter must be in your mechanic’s toolbox. You can use it to check your battery’s voltage and identify electrical shorts. It also doesn’t have to be a huge, elaborate one. 

  1. Drive Tool

Most car owners and automakers admit that modern sport bike owners acquire an odd-sized Allen key. This is because this tool part helps remove the front wheel off their bike. Remember that you can find the most popular hex key sizes for front axles on one tool.

You must always plan to get it if your toolbox doesn’t have it already. You’ll be happy that you did. Be sure you purchase a version of the instrument in the size you require because other variants are available with various size groupings.

  1. Riveter And Chain-Breaker

Lastly, you must note that most motorcycles have infinite chains when they leave the manufacturer. Therefore, you must break it first before replacing it. Then, it would be best if you cut the replacement chain to the appropriate length. 

Going by the book, you should evenly space the rivets on the new master link to complete the project. One tool is all you need. Invest the cash in a chain breaker/riveter. Every cent is worthwhile.

Key Takeaway

You will be better aware of the bike repair accessories that look too good to be true now that you’ve gained some advice. Quality should be a top consideration when it comes to your bike. This is because it affects both the motorcycle’s performance and your safety.

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