8 Questions worth asking your roofer before hiring

You made up your mind to reinstall the roof of your house or wish to get the maintenance work done for the very first time. In both cases, DIY activities are not going to get the work done in the desired way. Here you will need the expertise and support of Best Roofers Near Me. But hiring the right roofers is not at all an easy task, and there are few questions which you must ask the roofing companies near me. All roofers are not the same. Some are having expertise in residential roofing and some in commercial roofing. You will come across many such companies which created a niche for it in the industry in both residential and commercial roofing like Almeida Roofing. 

We are going to share with you a few questions which we believe all clients, especially the first-timers, should ask at the time of hiring roofing contractors near me

1. Do you have the license to serve as a roofing contractor?

The company must have its license to operate in the industry as a roofing company. What will be the parameters to get the license will vary from one state to other. The roofer needs to follow the state code to serve the customers in that location. When you know that the home roofing contractor closer to me is a licensed one will give you peace of mind.

2. Do you have workman’s compensation insurance?

There is no hard and fast rule to be followed by the roofing companies to secure their employees under workman’s compensation insurance. We will still encourage you to know about it for your safety in case of any mishap happens during work. Few prefer to make their roofers work at risk without insurance, and in such cases, if an accident happens at your property. You may be liable for paying medical expenses, and we are sure that you will not wish to bear the cost. The best decision for you will be to select the company which is having workman’s compensation insurance for the security of their workers.

3. Is the company covered under GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE?

Employee or staff compensation insurance will give protection to the roofing employees when they are working on your property. Will that be enough for your satisfaction? What will happen if there is damage to your property during work? Ask the Best roofing companies nearby me to show the insurance certificate to check if the roofer is covered under general liability insurance or not. It is important to get the claim so that in case the roof or property gets damaged, due to the carelessness of the roofers during the work in process. 

4. Are you getting work done by hiring ROOFING SUBCONTRACTORS?

At the time of interviewing roofing companies, you will come across many firms which hire subcontractors for conducting roofing work. If you get to know that they are making use of sub-contractors, and then ask for the copy of workman’s compensation as well as general liability insurance proof. These documents are important for you as it will act as a tool to protect in the scenario when the contractor denies paying their subcontractors.

5. Do you have a proper office for your company? If yes, what is address and phone number:

If you are hiring a roofing contractor, you need to check its physical location. If they say that they are servicing via a P.O. box, then it’s a red signal for you. You should never go by their words and ask them to provide documented proof of their physical address of the company, phone number along with the full name of the company. This will help you to verify if the company is a local one or not. Always hire a company which is local as the roofing style, materials, and construction techniques will vary from one state to other depending on weather and climatic condition.

6. Will you provide the estimation of the cost of installation/repair or maintenance of roof before starting work?

What will be the expected cost of getting the work done is something which all customers are seeking roofing services will look. You can ask for the quotation of the estimated cost with separate headings for materials and workers cost. If the company denies offering the same and will charge after completion of work, then there is surely something fishy. You need to be alert and avoid hiring such a company. All reputed roofing companies like Almeida Roofing is ready to offer cost estimation for both company and client benefit. Documented costing will help you to fight for justice in case after work completion roofers ask for extra pay. Take your estimation in writing.

7. What be Will the WARRANTY period for my Newly installed roof?

Shingles will cost you the same as older ones, but it will serve you longer. Customers can expect the roofs to last for a minimum of 25 years when new shingles are used. Keeping this information in mind ask regarding the duration of the warranty period of a new roof. If they give a figure below 25 years, then you are in a position to ask about their work quality.

8. Will there be any supervisor in a spot to answer my queries?

It is mandatory to have a supervisor in the venue to check the work progress of the roof installation, maintenance or repair. You cannot be in the venue all the time, and so the presence of a professional expert is there to check the work. And whom you can question in case you have any query regarding the process. 

Above a few questions, we suggest you ask at the time of hiring a roofing company for you. You can prepare your list of questions to ask your roofer, but we advise you to include the above questions in it. The roof is the shelter of the house, and so you need to be very attentive at the time of selecting the right service provider of the industry.

Written by Emma Watson

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