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We have heard literally loud and clear not to drink the bong water! However, you will be excited to hear the alternatives to the tasteless and foul-smelling bong water that you might even reconsider drinking it!

Usually, it is the tap water at room temperature that filters the toxins found in cannabis smoke. However, seeing part of the herb being sucked into the water and yet not being able to drink it led cannabis forums to discuss new possibilities. Users have claimed to replace the water with everything from carbonated drinks to milk.

The smoke you inhale will have a hint of whichever alternative you choose. We bring you some of the most popular picks that replace the traditional bong water. Let’s tweak up the flavors then!

Packing Your Shower head Perc Bong with Ice 

Being naturally creative, some of our smoking enthusiasts have come up with iced water. It is an exceptional substitute for room temperature water and offers a different smoking experience. The smoke rising from the pipe is cooler and provides smoother hits with more enhanced flavors.

Infuse Water With Ingredients of Your Choice

Make a cocktail of components of your choice using anything from mints to essential oils. Some of the ingredients you can infuse the bong water with are strawberries, mint leaves, ginger, and fruit peels. Whichever ingredient you choose, top it up with a jug of cold water and leave it for a bit in the fridge for a few hours.

If you want the water to absorb more of the flavors, you can give it a boil with the selected items and let it cool down before use.

It Takes Tea to Get Stoned

Another much-touted alternative is the tea that adds a nice spin to the conventional bong smoking experience. The heat of the tea enables smoother and longer hits along with warming you up. Fill up your Glass Bong Collection with tea to enjoy an aromatic smoking experience as bongs of any other material won’t put up with the heat.

Giving Fruity Notes with Cranberry Juice

It is possible to add subtle fruity notes to your bong water and give your taste buds a surprise with cranberry juice. Mix the juice with ice or use it at room temperature; it depends on your personal preference. Another advantage of cranberry juice is the acidity it has, which keeps your bong clean, reducing the maintenance time.

There Are More Ways To Consume Wine

Alcoholic fumes are rightly feared as they are dangerous. However, wine has a low alcoholic content and so poses a much smaller risk compared to others. You can go for a medium-bodied, sweet red wine or a slightly sparkling Lambrusco and relish the tang of wine in your mouth.


Juice up your smoke with some real fruit flavors. A few of the choices include orange, mango, apple, and grapefruit. However, make sure you clean the bong after use as juices contain a lot of natural sugar that can leave a sticky residue. Experiment with your favorite juice flavors and find the one best for you.


Gatorade is another popular choice that is a bit similar to cranberry juice. The flavors are super subtle, so those with a knack for them will be able to catch them better. Clean out the bong after every use as the sugar loaded drink leaves behind sticky remnants.

Sparkling Water

Off all the alternative, the most exceptional option is flavored sparkling water! The tangy undertone flavors enhance your smoking experience. The carbonation in the water alters the texture of the smoke that bubbles and fizzes in your mouth.

Throw in some ice and enjoy the best bong smoking experience ever.

It’s the Smoke, Not the Water

The brown and sticky bong water is certainly not an appetizing beverage. Do not consume it no matter which alternative you go for. It’s the smoke that does the charm and not the water.

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