7 Ways to Make Your Office Interiors More Eco-Friendly

Creating an Eco-friendly office might seem tough, but we bet it’s not! With all the technological advancements and energy-saving devices, we have various ways to make your office interiors more eco-friendly and aesthetic.

Going environment-friendly is a trend that will never go out of style. It doesn’t mean getting massive equipment installed in the workplace. Even small efforts will make a huge change. Making more space for natural light to come in, minimising the number of on-site printers, or trying to reduce paper use, are a few ways to contribute to a sustainable development

How to build an eco-friendly office space?

Here are 7 key ways that will help you create an environment-friendly workspace.

  1. Get Renewable Energy Sources at Work

Renewable energy has become a feasible reality in this era. So how can you equip such resources in your workplace? By installing solar panels!

Solar panels have become quite budget-friendly recently. Most businesses are taking up solar panels considering their long-term advantages.

You may place the panels on the roof of the workspace or at any safe place in the parking lot, this will give you a shaded parking lot too.

Thinking what if there’s a lack of sunlight at your place due to the weather or any other reason? There’s nothing to worry about. Technological advancements have made solar-plus-storage systems to the rescue.

  1. Go for a Commuter-Friendly Workplace

Go for an area where public transportation is easily accessible. This will help reduce air pollution as the employees can travel to work by public transport, carpool, or use a bicycle.

Also, having restaurants nearby will encourage your workforce to walk a few steps to have lunch instead of using any transport.

While creating a commuter-friendly office space, it is recommended to consider proximity to important highways, roadways, airports, train and metro stations, etc. This will make it easy for the employees to commute and it will be budget-friendly for them. These acts will reduce carbon dioxide emissions, thus making your workspace more eco-friendly.

  1. Go Green

Make your workspace look more lively and close to nature. Use indoor plants to add an aesthetic touch to the workspace and spread positive energy.

Indoor plants are highly beneficial for health as they purify the air and tend to reduce stress from the surrounding by suppressing the autonomic nervous system activities.

These plants require minimal effort for maintenance and their benefits will outweigh every effort and penny.

  1. Get Recycled Furniture and Office Supplies

If you use secondhand furniture and other office supplies it will reduce waste generation and will be pocket-friendly.

You may also go for biodegradable furniture or those made with environment-friendly materials. This will make your carbon footprint go down which indeed will be a great contribution to the global environment.

To get the best quality material and eco-friendly interior ideas, you may take guidance from an experienced Office Interior Designer. Their expertise will help you get your hands on great deals.

  1. Work From Home if you can

The pandemic made most of us get to remote work and it was quite enjoyable for people. There still are companies who encourage work from home or hybrid mode, post-pandemic.

Remote work enables you to have a smaller workspace. It might reduce your initial buying cost, utility bills, and carbon footprint.

Also, don’t worry about the random events or meetings that might come up. You can always rent a conference room or any other venue for occasional events.

  1. Use Smart Energy-Saving Devices

Smart devices will save your utility bills and provide you with eco-friendly office space. Additionally, devices like smart thermostats, smart power strips, and smart appliances will help in energy conservation.

Standard machines often tend to use electricity even when powered off, which makes you pay higher than actual consumption. Smart devices turn off the machine when not in use and thus help save overhead costs in utility bills too.

  1. Lead your Team towards an Eco-Friendly Environment

It is really good to see that you are here going through these tips to make an eco-friendly office space. This great thought must be acted upon and even spread amongst others.

Your employees will indeed learn from your actions. You should also educate your employees to make individual efforts for sustainable environmental development.

Spreading awareness and asking the employees to pass on the information to their family and friends will gradually make a huge difference to society. You have the opportunity to radiate a positive impact so step up and make it count!

Summing Up

Designing an eco-friendly office space might seem a challenge initially, but as you go forth things will be better. Technological advancements have made it pretty easy to adopt environment-friendly activities.

You can always get in contact with Office Interior Designers in Pune who will guide you throughout this journey. They help you choose the best from the numerous options. Making a smart choice that suits your budget and meets your expectations is what you need while building a workspace.

When you take even a small step such as purchasing recycled furniture or using live plants for decoration, you are making a great change. Having hybrid work schedules will also be a good way to reduce air pollution and save money. Everything that you’ll do for this purpose will give you long-term benefits with minimal effort, it surely is a great deal!

Written by Shivam singh

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