5 Things You Need for a Perfect Home Office (2023 version)

5 Things You Need for a Perfect Home Office (2023 version)

Many people work from home, even those who aren’t working remotely full-time. We’re not just talking about 12.7% of full-time employees or 28.2% of people working on a hybrid model. Add to this all the people who finish their work-related tasks from home, or just enter a work-related platform or check emails when they get home.

A global crisis made everyone work from home during the pandemic, but what if something like this happens again? We hope it won’t, but we can’t eliminate that possibility. In other words, you need a home office more urgently than you currently believe. Here are a few tips on how you can make an effective one.


First, you want to get yourself the right height desk. Since getting a custom-made desk is incredibly expensive, the best you can do is get an adjustable one. The desk’s height determines the angle at which you watch the monitor, the angle at which your elbows rest on the desk, and your posture, in general. Moreover, you can even set up a standing desk and discover all the hidden health and productivity benefits.

An ergonomic chair is a must, both for the sake of productivity and your health. No focus and creativity will be discussed when your lower back starts hurting. Also, this is a position where you’ll spend most of your time. Make sure you’re comfortable.

Taking a break away from the desk and a chair can be completely game-breaking. This is why having a lazy bag or sofa in the background is a good idea. Most importantly, going for a standing desk and trying interval working will make a difference.

If your region is known for its hot summers, you also want to look for a decent AC.

Ultimately, while most of your files will be safely stored in the digital world, you want some storage space in your home office.


Next, you want to make the ambiance in the room more pleasant. One way to do so is by adding some indoor plants. They will purify the air and make spending time in your home office more bearable. As humans, it’s our nature to function best when surrounded by nature. Even this simulacrum is bound to help you focus.

Motivational posters are another great life hack for productivity. You would be surprised to learn that even some simplest principles often slip from one’s mind when they’re too much in the flow. Getting a reminder or two wouldn’t hurt. If you’re into philosophy, you can always print and frame a quote from your favorite stoic philosopher or even a movie quote that you hold close to your heart.

Speaking of motivation, we all know that Homer Simpson scene where he has photos of Maggie in the workplace with the words “Remember, you do it for her.” There’s nothing wrong with reminding yourself why you’re working. If you have a collection (like Warhammer 40K) to fund, put them on display to remind you why you’re here. If you love to travel, have a few posters from your favorite destinations.

3.Sound insulation

The best way to soundproof the room is to make it soundproof from the start. Thicker interior walls filled with insulation materials will do the best job. However, what if you missed this window of opportunity? What if you’ve bought the place and the situation is what it is?

In other words, how to soundproof a room after construction?

The first thing to consider is the drywall. This will add thickness to your wall; it’s inexpensive and quite effective. If not, acoustic panels are probably the simplest way to get there. They also give your home office that podcast studio look that more and more people working from home aspire for.  

The positioning of your furniture also makes a difference since shelves and other objects serve as obstacles to noise.

Lastly, soundproofing the room doesn’t stop in the room. A runner rug in the hallway in front of the room and a carpet in the room above (if there is one) will reduce the foot traffic noise by a significant margin.

4.Computer and great peripherals

First, if you’re working from home, you need a decent computer. Sure, a laptop is more pragmatic, but having a desktop at home and a spare laptop is even better. The customizability of the desktop is just unparalleled.

Next, great peripherals like an ergonomic mouse and a mechanical keyboard can greatly benefit you.

Dual monitors are proven to drastically boost productivity. According to some estimates, by fascinating 42%. Still, why stop at just two monitors?

You also want to invest in some noise-canceling headphones. These can be quite expensive, but they’re more than worth it.

Lastly, in 2023, everyone will participate in Zoom meetings, which is why you need a good enough webcam.

5.Picking the right bandwidth

The right bandwidth is a top priority if you’re working from home. Here, you won’t always have the privilege of choice. Sometimes, you’ll be limited by the availability of the local ISPs.

If you have an option, you should always go with fiber. This is the fastest internet available and cost-effective compared to any other option.

If this is not an option, you should go with cable internet. This is available through any cable TV company, which is available in most urban and rural environments.

In rare cases where this is unavailable, you should look for your DSL options. This is slightly slower than cable internet (and much slower than fiber) but still pretty decent.

Ultimately, if you’re someplace remote, satellite internet is probably your only choice.

Remember that this is one of your most important work expenses, so investigate the reputation and reliability of the provider in question, don’t just get stuck on the Mbps numbers.

Wrap up

Setting up a home office allows you to do whatever you like with your own working space. You get to organize things to your liking, customize every piece of furniture, and drastically improve your working situation. However, this takes a bit of work, strategy, and investment. 

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