5 Important Factors to Include When Ask for Ghost Writing Help

Blindfolded belief is often the reason for a complaint. Many of you raise your voice that you were robbed of a document. You ask for ghost writing help but later the results do not work per the consideration. It is observed that your complaint is usually about the changed terms and does not have any proof except for your claim. Then the overall situation becomes a tug of war between your words and theirs. However, the law demands one legal statement as evidence to stand the judgement.

Now, this is what you should have in the first place. A verbal contract can bind two people but creates conflict about terms and conditions. Thus, you must clarify these regulations before entering and asking for their help. However, you do the opposite and directly head to the asking for help part without confirming the parameters. Hence, it becomes a cause of conflict when in the end, the specialists alter or change them. But you can get out of it if you adopt to a new approach.

So, this article discloses the pivotal way out of this adverse condition. Now, read this till the end and apply this measure to avoid this case.

5 Important Factors That Bind Ghost Writer and Client

Entering into a legal work contract is not verbally completed. Every condition or rule you decide should be in writing and printed with both parties. Moreover, ensure the receipt remains as evidence too. Also, look for the elements to keep in the contract.

So, the following sub-heads spread information on the crucial factors to consider:

Document Type You Need:

Sometimes, the writers, by mistake, do not attach a correct document. Moreover, a few places deliberately send a bigger file stating that this is what you said in their first conversation. However, you deny that since it is not true, though there is no proof. Therefore, you have to accept the document, which becomes a huge loss for you. So, the first element you should look after is the document type mentioned in the contract. It is necessary you check it so there is no point of an argument at the end.

The Area of Responsibilities:

This factor in the written contract discusses the work shared responsibilities between the author and you. It shows the collaboration between both parties for successful work completion. When you place an order, you decide if you will provide the source of information or if the platform expert will conduct their research. It can be decided, but the contract should include this condition in return so no party can blame each other for any negligence. Moreover, it contains the number of communications occurred between both parties.

Final Price and Method to Pay:

Pricing is the one where both try to find the middle ground. It is to ensure both of them neither suffer the loss nor gain much profit over the other. However, sometimes, you have to go for the fixed price. Thus, the contract provides information about the decided price between the parties to create a document. Also, this document bears details about the mode of payment, which can be through your debit or credit card before or after. So, keep it all in writing.

Right to Own and Confidentiality:

This element states the issue of copyright of the entire document. The overall process gives you a better look that ghost writers cannot use the document as their own since it is entitled under the client’s name. However, the contract you and your expert make should contain this information related to the document owner. The entire detail and further investigation on its basis is under your command. Also, they can ask for a small percentage of royalty but cannot claim all of it unless there is no contract.

Cancellation of the Order Request:

There are cases when you have to break the order request in between due to any reason. So, such a case can inflict a conflict between the parties. Thus, a written contract helps you to end this agreement by avoiding a stretching conflict quickly. Moreover, the document contains a clause about the percent of the fee to be refunded or discounted if both agree to terminate the order. With this written request, you can ask for compensation you are entitled to. So, do make a written contract.


Before you successfully agree to take ghost writing help from writers, there should exist a written contract both agree to. It reduces conflicts and gives a win-win situation. Hence, this article discusses a few essential factors you need to consider. So, study them and ask for help.

Written by Robert Hix

Experienced Writer

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