3 amazing cosplay looks you can create with colored lenses

Ever since the advent of contact lenses, there has been no looking back. From regular contacts to colored and special-effects costume contact lenses, you can have your pick according to your needs.

Gone are those days when getting dressed up as your favorite cartoon or movie character was limited to Halloween only. Now there are a number of events occurring throughout the year which require getting dressed up as a character and what’s more, using cosplay contact lenses gives a cutting and realistic edge to the costume.

Here we share a few of the most popular and amazing cosplay looks you can create with colored lenses!

The White-Walker Look

With the final season of the popular television series, Game of Thrones hitting the screens, it is no surprise that getting dressed up as a white walker is going to be pretty popular. That said, it will take a bit of an effort to get the perfect look.

  • Always ensure that your face is clean before you start applying makeup. The first step is to use wax on your face to give your complexion a sallow tone. Use a spatula to cake it properly on your face, concentrating on the uni-brow and the cheek area.
  • The main reason to use wax is to create bumps and ridges on your face. Once you are satisfied, use a translucent setting powder on the waxed area and then white paint all over your face.
  • For the next step, you’ll be needing black eyeshadow. Use it on your lids and go beyond the lid area to create shadows all over your face. Make sure to do it in a triangle shape with the points angled in towards the center of your face.
  • Once you are done creating the shadows on your face, it is time to put on your lenses. The ‘Ice walker’ lenses are perfect to create the piercing and eerie look of a white walker!


Dressing up as Nebula may not be your top choice but rest assured, with all the other comic characters being repeatedly mimicked, you’ll stand apart if you dress up as Nebula. Besides the makeup, it is the use of scleral lenses that do the trick and here we share how you can do that perfectly!

  • To begin with, you will need a bald cap. Once you have put it on, you can begin creating your look. Use a white eye pencil to divide your head into three panels.
  • Cover the left side of your face with light blue paint and then draw and color in black paint in the center portion of the head.
  • Use the white pencil to draw outlines for the cybernetic eye on the right side and leaving that portion, paint the remaining part light blue. Dark blue should be applied evenly to the middle panel.
  • Silver paint is applied to the outlined portion of the right eye. The outlines should be trimmed with black paint and more random black lines should be added on the right side to give a techy look.
  • Apply shimmer dust all over the face and finish off your look by putting on your black scleral lenses.

The ‘Storm’ Look

When it comes to getting ready for cosplay and choosing the character you want to dress up as, X-men characters are not that far behind. Dressing up as Storm is one of the most popular choices. Besides the striking ash-white hair color, it is the use of blind cosplay contact lenses that does the trick.

  • Before applying any makeup, you will need to flatten out your eyebrows by using a glue stick and then dusting it with translucent powder. Once you have ensured that your brows are flattened, you can start your makeup.
  • Apply foundation, ensuring that you cover up your natural brows in the process. Add powder to your face and contour it.
  • Since eyes are going to be the main focus, you will need to be extra careful with your eye makeup. Use a soft silver eyeshade to the upper eyelid and draw arched eyebrows, just above your natural brows, using an eye pencil. Use a flat-end brush to thicken the brows a little and add taupe eye shadow just underneath the drawn brows. Use a darker shade of brown and a soft black eyeshade on the lid and buff and blend the two colors.
  • Apply winged eyeliner and put on your blind scleral lenses to give everyone the creeps.
  • Make sure you don’t forget to draw small lightning bolts in white, coming out from your eyes. To finish off the look, put on your striking ash-white wig or if you like to be adventurous, you can even dye your hair beforehand!

Cosplay Has Gotten Creative Over Time and Special-Effect Lenses Have Played a Major Role in That!

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