10 Best Android Video Streaming Apps in 2021

Year-on-year, technology is coming with new advancements to prove its potentialities to make human life much easier. With the convenience humans are getting their deliverables, it is not a sin pointing out that the advent of technology is more an opportunity that knocks on every man’s door.

In this article, we will discuss one of the most favorite technology that has connected many hearts. Yes, you are getting it right. We are going to discuss the ten best Android video streaming apps in 2021. But how these video streaming apps come into play. Well, this is possible because of video streaming app development. 

Let’s discuss the top ten video streaming platforms for Android.

Ten Best Android Video Streaming Apps in 2021

The list you are going to read is the best editorial pick after months of monitoring. If you are looking for such technology as a startup, get to its roots in this article.


Vidio – Watch Video, TV & Live Streaming is a freemium Android mobile application that allows you to binge-watch your favorite shows and movies free of cost. It also enables the user to choose from their favorite genres by using the sort or filter option. Not only this, on this Android app, you can watch exclusive sports channel and can enjoy your baseball match without any interruption.


It is a popular video streaming app where you can register yourself and go live to interact with your viewers. With its freemium services such as Live Battle Grounds, you can be more interactive with your audience by performing something that entertains them. You can go live in a group during the live streaming and become the host of the many popular events going on the app.


With its name, you can get to know about the usages of this Android application. Tango is an app where you showcase your talent to get fans and followers. With the increase in fans, every achievement enables a new feature and many effects and filters that you can use to make your video look more overwhelming. The story does not end here. You also can make new friends and can meet people around the globe.

Web Video Caster

It is an Android mobile app that enables you to watch TV shows on your device. Not only TV shows, but you can also binge-watch with your favorite persons and that too at your favorite spot. It also allows you to play the videos that are stored on your devices. It is a one-stop service for all your needs of a video stream app.

LiveMe Pro

LiveMe Pro is the more advanced version of LiveMe they had earlier. This application allows you to upload your favorite moments on the platform to get likes, comments, and shares. As soon as you post the moments, your impression increases, and with the increase in impressions, you can make new friends.


Are you thinking of going live with real-time features? Well, this is now made possible with Hive. It is an Android mobile application that enables its user to go live in real-time with some fantastic and amazing filters from day one. There are fancy battel grounds you can share with your fam to increase interaction on your profile. Not only this, but you can also share the dream such as live with you soon and other fantastic dreams that can entice your fam and be on your profile to get more.


Let’s add Plex to your Cine binge-watch with your loved ones. Plex allows you to watch over 2,00,000 movies from a single platform. Not only this, but you can also watch live over 200 TV channels, so you don’t miss your favorite episodes. If you are also looking for the latest release of the series, you can easily find it on Plex the next moment it releases. Above all the facts, Plex is a freemium Android application, so no subscription is required.

IBM Video Streaming

IBM Video Streaming is a product of a well-brand brand International Business Machines Crop.. It is an enterprise-grade video broadcasting tool that enables its user to attend or stream your Events, Training, TechTalks, Meetups, All Hands Meeting, and more. As it is developed by the world’s most popular tech giant, this tool can leverage your in-house team communication and productivity.


NonoLive s an interactive platform that allows you to interact with your fam for free. With its fantastic features, you can communicate with your fame and use some tremendous filters to make live streaming more eye-catching.


CBS is the most popular platform developed by CBS Interactive Inc.. You love binge-watching and spending time with your loved ones. You can watch family drama, comedy, sci-fi, horror, and other genres. With the easy signup, you can look for live TV channels such as sports, news, etc.

In conclusion, if you are looking for such Android video streaming apps, you can connect with the video streaming app development team for yourself.

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