Why Should You Wear Wrist Wraps?

If you play sports or lift heavyweights, then you should ideally be wearing wrist wraps. Wearing wrist wraps will not only help to prevent injuries, but they can also help you to get the most out of your workouts.

Below is a breakdown of why you should wear wrist wraps:

Injury Prevention

If you lift heavyweights, this could potentially cause a strain on your wrists. Wearing wrist wraps will make sure that your joints are stabilised, keeping them in a neutral position. This will make sure that there won’t be any excessive movement or stress on your wrist joints. This is important, as weights and heavy exercising can sometimes cause this to happen. You should always be cautious and try to prevent injuries in any way that you can. Wrist wraps can do this when they are worn properly, so always try to wear them whenever possible. It’s important that your wrist wraps aren’t too flexible. Although that does sound light and comfortable to wear, they may not provide you with the support that you may need to prevent injuries.

Wrist Support

Whether you are exercising, playing sports, or lifting weights, you will be using your wrists for these activities. Wearing wrist support wraps will help to provide your wrists with additional support when you are participating in your chosen activity. It’s important that your wrists have extra support, as this will help to maintain the correct form and alignment that your wrists need to prevent any injuries. If your wrists do not have proper support, this can cause them to overextend which will inevitably lead to painful injuries. It’s always best to take the extra step of wearing wrist wraps for your own safety, especially if you lift heavy weights. They can help you to achieve your fitness goals and encourage you to do new exercises. This is because your wrists are always protected when you are wearing the wrist wraps, therefore you can challenge yourself whilst still having additional support. So, make sure you don’t skip wearing them the next time you work out.

Pain Relief

Whether you sometimes experience sore wrists, or have previously suffered from an injury, wrist wraps will be beneficial for you. As they stabilise your joints, your wrists will be firm and secure, which can help to reduce any pain that you may have. Especially if the pain is affecting your ability to work out as best as you can. The wrist wraps also provide some reinforcement to the bones that are in your wrists, so they offer plenty of support when you wear them. When wrist wraps are worn appropriately, and they are secure around both of your wrists, this will reduce the relieve any pain that you are experiencing. They will also prevent the pain from becoming even worse. It is important to look after your wrists, especially if you are already experiencing pain.

Better Performance

It’s natural to feel tired when you are exercising for a certain length of time. Sometimes we can run out of energy and may need a short break. However, wearing wrist wraps whilst you are lifting heavyweights can help you to push yourself even further. This is because they stabilise your wrists and provide your wrists with protection, so they can reduce muscle fatigue. So, this way you can keep working out, and not feel as tired. Wearing wrist wraps can also give you a confidence boost. Not only will you be pushing your body beyond its fatigue limits but wearing wrist wraps can help to improve your grip. This can encourage you to lift heavier weights and perform better in your work outs.


There is usually an increased chance of injury to your wrists if they are overused or overextended. Any type of sports or exercising can cause this to happen. If your wrist is flexible or there is a lot of excess movement, you could then suffer from injuries which can really cause you a lot of pain and discomfort in your joints. Wearing wrist wraps will always keep your wrists stabilised and in a neutral position. This will make sure that there is no extra stress or tension on your wrists, otherwise you could get seriously hurt. They also offer your wrists with plenty of additional support. The additional support will make sure that your wrists are comfortable, and this will prevent unwanted joint movement. This is important when you are lifting heavyweights, as you may develop an injury if your wrists are not stable.

Post-workout Recovery

If you are recovering from an existing injury, then wearing a wrist wrap may be beneficial for you. As they will stabilize your wrists, they won’t be strained or overused. This can really help with your recovery, especially as the tight and secure fit will help your wrists to be in good form. They will also help to reduce any pain that you are experiencing. Wearing wrist wraps when you are recovering from an injury will help to support your wrists which will reduce discomfort and help with the healing process. This will help your wrists to get back to normal and you can start working out again as you usually would. Once you have recovered, it’s still a good idea to wear wrist wraps to prevent any further injuries.

360 Relief provides a variety of wrist wraps for you to wear, so you’ll be able find a pair that will suit your needs best. Whether you prefer a thicker material, which is preferable due to its benefits, or you would like a specific design – 360 Relief have got you covered. Their wrist wraps have been designed to fit you perfectly, so they will always be secure. They also offer the additional support that your wrists need when you are doing heavy exercises or playing sports. You can feel confident and assured when you are wearing these wrist wraps, which will help to prevent any discomfort and serious injuries.

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