Why is Split Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

The last thing you want on a hot summer day is ineffective cooling of your AC. It is very frustrating when your AC fails to cool your home or office, and a wide range of issues may be causing the problem. Whether it is a dirty filter or a problem in the outdoor unit of the AC, you need the assistance of a split system air conditioner service to resolve the issues.

You can check the following before calling the technician of the AC servicing company.

•    Try to check the indoor and the outdoor unit of the AC to detect any obstacles and clean the area if needed.

•    You should find out whether the fan speed control has the right settings as setting the fan at the lowest speed can reduce the cooling.

•    It is necessary to find whether dirt has built up in the air filters.

•    Close the doors and windows properly and check whether warm air is entering through any cracks or openings.

•    Direct sunlight entering through the windows can also interfere with the cooling, so you need to close the blinds and curtains.

The split air conditioning system may not work even when you clean the filters or check the unit. To deal with the issues, you have to talk to experts and find out the underlying causes of the reduced cooling effect. Here are a few more reasons why the split air conditioning system may not function properly.

Dirt in the coils

When the air conditioner does not cool properly, the reason could be the accumulation of dirt and debris on the condenser coils. The condenser in the split AC helps in radiating heat and allows it to move away. When the coils become dirty, the functioning of the AC becomes ineffective and requires the AC to work harder to cool the rooms. Consequently, you can never achieve the same cooling effect when the condenser coils are dirty.

•    Low refrigerant gas

One of the most prevalent causes of insufficient cooling of your split AC is low refrigerant gas, which might happen due to a leak in the unit. When the connected pipes sustain damage, a leak can occur in the AC unit gradually. The leak can occur over a few months, and you might notice it when the AC stops working permanently.

The technician you appoint must detect the leak at first and then repair it to replace the refrigerant gas.

•    Fault in the refrigerator

The compressor of the unit is responsible for cooling the rooms, but a faulty compressor can be the reason for ineffective cooling in the rooms. The compressor compresses the coolant and circulates it through the condenser and the evaporator coils. Malfunctioning on the compressor does not allow the AC to cool.

•    Issues in the thermostat

It is necessary to check the AC thermostat and find out when the AC does not cool the rooms properly. The thermostat directs the compressor to begin or stop the cycle of cooling. When there is a defect in this part, the split AC may not cool the rooms properly. A split system service in Melbourne can identify faults in the thermostat and conduct the repair work.

Things to remember

The split system cannot draw enough air in the system when the filters are dirt or damage in the ducts could be the reason for faulty cooling the AC. An expert AC technician can check the issues properly and conduct the repair work for active cooling.

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