What can social media do to improve students’ English skills?

Social media has changed learning in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and has become the most popular and practical form of communication. The current situation shows that social networking sites have significantly impacted our social structure and intra-social interaction, education in general, and English language acquisition in particular. It has been established that these many social media platforms have produced a digital environment conducive to modern learning. Social media platforms are websites for social networking that make it simple and comfortable for users to interact and communicate with one another. There are several positive effects of social media on the English language.

Social networking has undeniably and categorically been shown to be a worldwide phenomenon that has brought about a significant paradigm shift in the fields of learning and education during the current pandemic. The present study aims to determine how much social media sites have affected students’ ability to learn English during the COVID-19 pandemic.

English skills can be improved through social media

People are constantly looking for new social media platforms to interact and communicate with one another. However, no one considers the impact of social media on improving English learning skills. IELTS Coaching in Jalandhar experts will tell you about the role social media plays in enhancing English language skills.


The most popular social media site worldwide is Facebook. Facebook helps connect people in a setting conducive to both direct and indirect language acquisition. The learning process begins as soon as it becomes necessary. People start talking in the common language, where the language is being improved, particularly in writing, when they want to share their thoughts and opinions, discuss, or admire something. To increase people’s involvement in the language learning process, Facebook can be used as a dependable learning environment. It is a practical tool that is important in language learning.


WhatsApp is one of the social networking language learning tools that has had a significant impact on my language acquisition. When there are sufficient spaces for interaction, language learning is most effective. Nevertheless, WhatsApp users may set up groups and communicate with one another using text, photographs, videos, and audio recordings. Given WhatsApp’s popularity, academics use it as a teaching and learning tool. It has been acknowledged that “informal education plays a key role in language learning” (European Commission,2012,p.16)


Over 800 million people use the popular picture-based social networking platform Instagram. When Instagram users wish to grind their proficiency in a specific language, they should exclusively post and share their opinions. The user must be careful not to translate in their language. Hashtagging new acquaintances can form a community for language learners. They can use the language that needs to be improved to like and comment on other people’s posts.


A professional social media network or platform is called LinkedIn. Building a professional network and portfolio is beneficial. It makes it possible to communicate with your LinkedIn connections. For professionals, this social networking site has developed into a priceless resource for social learning. This application aids language learners in connecting with experts or professionals to research a subject for a report or presentation. It aids in the improvement of a person’s language abilities. It improves writing and learning of formal languages.


On YouTube, some channels offer video lessons aimed at assisting students. The largest video portal and second-largest search engine are both YouTube. A user can learn nearly any language they can imagine by using YouTube. For language learners specifically, there are well-known language channels. These websites concentrate on teaching vocabulary and grammar. They provide content for learners at all skill levels. Some channels encourage speaking while watching videos to help with speaking skills. It provides entertaining and quick access to training, and movies about different cultures and languages are spoken worldwide.

All these social media platforms have helped me to improve my English proficiency. Concluding that there is a significant role of social media in language learning. Social media and technology are the best combos for language acquisition since they allow learners to improve their ability to learn a language. A variety of social media platforms can be used to help and improve language learners.

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