What Can Affect The Delivery Time of Your Metal Building?

The time period of placing an order and getting the building delivery is called lead time. Everyone wants their building as soon as possible to utilize the structure for their particular purpose. Although some factors can delay your building installation and installation, consequently. As these factors vary, the lead time changes, and you might have to wait longer to get your building. You might also face some difficulties due to not getting your metal shed on time.

As metal buildings have the minimum construction time, but you can still optimize your lead times by considering the below factors.

Let’s check out the factors that influence the lead times of steel garages.

Demand and Supply Factors

The demand and supply have a great impact on the delivery of your metal garage. The production time of your structure is proportional to the number of orders. Your metal shed order is queued after the already placed orders, and you might have to wait for long during the building season. Manufacturers keep striving to expand the team and automate the things to fasten the process while maintaining superior quality. You should buy from a reputed metal building dealer and manufacturer who is capable of handling the surge of orders and delivering your building on time. Many steel building dealers take orders more than their production efficiency, and customers have to suffer. So, choose the right one to get your building on time.

Design Aspects

There are some pre-production design steps that can increase the overall lead times.

Layout Finalization is a design process in which a geometric sketch is needed to generate the engineered drawings. The faster you forward the drawing, the sooner the engineered blueprints are processed. So, try to include all the changes at once and avoid many changes in the plans to get your building on time.

Furthermore, you should also get the building permit on time to minimize the lead times. The engineered blueprints are required to obtain the license, and you can’t erect your garage without permission. So, any procrastination in permit issuance extends the installation schedule. So, if your area has the provision of the building permit, then get it on time to stick to your deadlines.

Manufacturing Factors

The fabrication stages have some factors that deviate the production time and, consequently, delivery and installation of your steel structure.

Initially, material availability is the factor that influences fabrication time. If the steel is in inventory, then there will be no delay, but if stock is lacking, then you might face a little delay in delivery. Some ask for custom materials to meet their specific needs, but this custom preference consumes more time in production and expands the fabrication interval.

Further moving the standard building designs doesn’t require additional production time, whereas a custom-designed building requires extra time and effort for production. The manufacturer needs more production time to meet your preferences and quality standards effectively.

Your color choice can also influence the delivery time of your steel shed. Steel structure manufacturers maintain the stock of panels of popular colors. Still, if you select a different or custom color, then the pre-coating and painting time will be appended in the production time, and increase the construction time consequently.


There are many manufacturers across the nation. And the delivery varies according to the distance between your location and fabricator. The more transportation time is consumed for remote sites as compared to suburban locations.

Moreover, adverse weather conditions and other natural disasters like cyclones, blizzards, downpours, etc. can impact the shipping time. In winters, driveways are full of snow and delay the delivery of your steel backyard building. Manufacturers try harder to stick to timelines and make sure you get your building on time.

Erection Factors

Climate Conditions have a significant impact on building deliveries. Weather is the most crucial factor that increases the lead time in various ways. As discussed, it affects the shipping, and now weather also interrupts your garage shed installation either. If the weather conditions are harsh, then your installation schedule moves to even weather days. Structure installation during lousy weather needs additional efforts and climate control resources for flawless erection.

Furthermore, building size is proportional to the lead times. Large buildings require more fabrication time to erect than the small size sheds. Clearspan structures consume more installation time due to heavy rafters.

The complex design is one of the factors that influence the lead times. Custom metal structures designs take longer erection time than the standard buildings. Sometimes custom design also requires additional equipment and efforts to attach the building. If your garage workshop building has many windows and skylights, then the concerned time is added to the total construction time for framing and door installation. The steel trim adds on also contributes to the whole lead time.

These are the crucial factors that influence the delivery and installation time of the metal buildings. You should consider all these factors and act accordingly to minimize the lead times of your structure.

Written by Sammie O

Chris Egg is Content & Marketing Manager at Viking Metal Garages. He has substantial experience in metal garages industry and also writes enticing content about it.

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