What Are The Risks Of Using Cheap Online Essay Writing Services?

Recent technological advancements have greatly affected the service sector. Many service providers have taken their businesses online and are trying to test their luck. One such service that has taken a vast online market is an essay writing service.

The demand for essay writing has increased very recently due to changes in curriculums by various national and international universities. This has provided essay writers with ample opportunities to grow their businesses. There are many famous and trustworthy essay-writing service providers in Australia, but new writers and agencies have entered the market as the market is exploding.

These newbie service providers lure students into getting their essays written by them by offering huge discounts or simply quoting fewer amounts for their services. Students who often have a lower budget fall into the traps of these service providers. They also end up making the payment and do not get the work in return.

Plagiarism and Poor Quality of Work

Service providers who provide cheap services generally hire writers who do not have a solid educational background. These writers are unaware of the different writing styles and research methodologies, do not have a good vocabulary, and often provide content full of grammatical errors. They refrain from checking their content from online SEO tools and even if they do it, there are errors which are not rectified.

Some even give clients plagiarised and AI-generated content, which is unacceptable by any university or institution. Submitting such poor-quality content may have dire consequences, as universities have rigorous policies concerning plagiarism and the usage of AI. In some cases the student may also get expelled

Unreliable Services

Reputed and trustworthy Essay-writing service providers often follow a simple and easy-to-follow refund policy. You are entitled to a full or partial refund if you are not satisfied by the services provided to you.

Cheap Essay writing service providers on the other hand, do not have any refund policy. Even if they have one, the refunds are usually not given out or get delayed a lot. There is no or useless customer support, and if any student has any issue with the work done, there is no place for them to raise their concerns. Inshort, if a student has paid them, then there would be no place for them to complain and to solve their grievances.

Data Safety

Cheap online essay writing service providers usually need to follow more security measures to secure their clients’ data. Therefore, students may expose themselves to online crimes such as data theft or financial fraud while making payments or giving website passwords.

There have been many incidents when customers’ data has been used without their consent for a purpose other than what it was intended for. The data provided by clients can also be used by the service providers to people for illegal activities. Hence, checking the website’s legitimacy before submitting any crucial personal details is essential.

Delay In Work Submission

The deadline is the most critical aspect of any academic assignment. Submitting the assignment after the deadline is crossed often leads to a credit deduction. Some students may be awarded an F grade due to missing the deadline. Universities are very strict on deadlines and do not approve of any delays.

Cheap online service providers assure students that there will be on-time submission of work, but this is not guaranteed. Such companies usually delay their deadlines, and the students must bear the costs.

Low Academic Standards 

Most cheap essay writing companies save money by means of low quality. Such may cause poor quality control of the writing, therefore delivering bad assignments. Such a job has a negative impact not only on your marks only but also the process of education itself. It hampers your personal development and the acquisition of key abilities like critical thought, research, and writing.

Lack of customization

Everyone is different, and therefore, every essay or assignment must be written according to the student’s requirements. Reputed service providers offer many customizations and are quick in their reworks.

On the other hand, cheap essay writing service providers usually do not provide the required customizations and are very slow in their reworks. Some do not even have a rework policy. This becomes very difficult for the student because their grades have to suffer if they do not get what they want.

How to select the best Online Assignment Writing Services?

Choosing the best online assignment writing service will help you get work that is superior, authentic, and academically relevant. To help you make the right choice, here are some key steps to consider:

  • Research and Compare Services:

First, investigate and make a compilation of online assignment writing services. Search engine queries or peer referral, as well as online forums and review sites.

  •  Check for Authenticity:

To ensure that they are genuine, one should visit their website and find out if there is any crucial information about them including company history, contacts, and the legality terms & conditions. Steer clear of sites that contain either incomplete or dubious details.

  • Read Reviews and Testimonials:

Read the customer’s reviews and testimonies. They may give a clue concerning the quality of the service, its reliability and how satisfied customers are with it.

  • Examine the Writers’ Qualifications:

One critical factor involves the level of expertise of the writers. Make sure that the service has competent and trained writers having relevant education. In some cases, the services may let one select the chosen writer.

  • Verify Originality and Plagiarism Policies:

It is necessary to pick a firm which assures authentic and non duplicate writing. Enquire on how they check for plagiarism and if they offer a record of the same with the deliverable.

  • Check for Customization:

Make sure that the service provides made-to-order essays according to your wishes. Stay away from those who provide plagiarised or copied content.

  • Evaluate Communication Channels:

Good communication is vital. Ensure that you have secure lines of direct communication with the writer, support team, and customer support team, if available.

  • Review Samples:

Others provide samples of their service. Check these pieces for the purpose of ascertaining the quality, writing style, and conformity to academic requirements.

  • Read Terms and Conditions

Carefully read the service’s terms and conditions to understand the rules, responsibilities, and guarantees that apply to your engagement with them


It may be tempting to see huge discounts and low prices, but that’s how cheap service providers lure students into their trap. As per the law, it is not ethical to get your assignments outsourced. But if there is a legitimate need to get it done from somewhere else, it is suggested to get the work done from reputed and trustworthy academic writing service providers. It is not worth it to pay cheap assignment writing service providers as what they give in return of that money is not appreciable.

They charge a hefty amount, but the service provided in return is worth the patience and money. Students need to be very vigilant while getting their work outsourced. You must also check the organisation’s reviews and credibility before making any payments or sharing any personal details. Your safety is in your own hands and it must not be ignored just to save some extra money.

Written by Mark Walsh

Mark has been transforming each academic project into a triumph through his strategic and intelligent approach. For the last 7 years, he has been supporting students in online assignment help. Presently, he is working at My Assignment Services as a senior researcher and mentor.

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