What are the Benefits of Mobile App Localization


Once upon a time, smartphones were more of a luxury, but at present, they have become a necessity of life. Smartphones are small electronic devices that are available to 95.8% of all internet users. According to a rough estimate, the number of people that use smartphones will increase to 7.1 billion in 2024. Why not take the leverage of smartphones for the growth of your business?

Many e-commerce businesses have integrated their websites with mobile apps so that people can shop anytime, irrespective of their location. This sounds good in the native country. But if and when you need to launch an app in a different country, you need to localize it. The same goes for software. For gaining success in multiple regions, you need to hire software translation services. It will help expand your reach.

What is Mobile App Localization

It is the process that includes more than simply translating an app’s text into another language. It also includes changing the user interface of the app according to cultural and regional nuances.

The process of localizing mobile apps is a complicated one and requires professional help. However, the benefits it provides are worth giving it a shot.

Significance of Mobile App Localization

The objective of app localization is to provide a native experience to the users. In this way, people can download and use apps without any hassle.

Internationalization & Localization

Localization gives attention to detail to in-app content and translates it according to cultural and regional intricacies. It involves the localization of the entire app, including images, videos, currencies, and many more. You can go for mobile app localization even at the later stage of app development. However, you need to change the codes to support different languages.

Contrary to this, internationalization starts from the development stage. In this case, you have to develop applications that support different languages. For internalization, the developers build the sketch of the app so that the transition to other languages can be done easily.

Benefits of Mobile App Localization

The penetration of mobile apps is higher than before. People use a number of different mobile apps daily. From grocery shopping to ordering cooked food, and for buying anything and everything, people are massively using mobile apps.

Considering the potential of apps, imagine how much revenue you can generate if you localize your apps for different markets.

Let’s dive into the benefits of hiring mobile app localization services.

Increases Global Reach

Selling a non-localized app in a foreign market can be very challenging. It may result in disinterest from local users who prefer their native language. Thus, it is important to understand the dire need of eliminating the linguistic and cultural barriers and localize your app for different regions. Also, it is important to conduct a thorough research first. It’s not feasible to localize your app for different countries at once. But you can start with regions where there is more demand for your business.

When you launch a localized version of your mobile app in different markets, it will do wonders, and you will see how it boosts your global reach.

Provides Pleasant User experience

Enhancing user experience for a global audience is of utmost importance. This is something that can help you beat the competition.

The engagement and usability of your mobile app depend on the user experience it offers. If your app cannot provide a consistent and seamless experience to users across different regions, then people will not use your app. Initially, people may install your app but when they find that it is not easy to navigate and not according to their linguistic needs, then they may end up uninstalling it. On the contrary, a user-friendly app is more likely to get more downloads.

Thus, to meet the regional and linguistic requirements of people, you must hire a professional translation company. They come up with a localization strategy that can help engage and retain customers.

High Return on Investment

Localization of mobile applications can be financially rewarding. The process may seem expensive at first, but the return on investment is guaranteed. Additionally, once you start the localization process, expanding into new countries becomes easier. During this process, you can come across many different laws, languages, and buyer behavior.

How to manage it all? The important thing to note is that the return on investment is not the same for every business, but a study found that localized apps get 128% more downloads.


Due to immense mobile proliferation, mobile app localization services can help you grab a large chunk of market share. Your business can reach a wider audience. When they get a pleasant user experience, more and more people will download the mobile app that can rank your app high in app stores.

Last but not least, you can reap a high return on investment. So, if you want to get an increasing number of app downloads from all over the world, it’s high time you invest in app localization.

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