Weight Loss: An honest guide.

They say summer bodies are built in winter… So what are you waiting for?

Summer is the season of bikinis, flip flops, and fun. It’s time to hit the gym to feel fit all year round! Looking after your Wellbeing 365 days of the year is crucial! Here’s how to best get rid of stubborn belly fat in time for bikini season:

Here are some quick and easy tips to start losing weight in just a few weeks!

For quick results, consider taking part in HIIT exercise. 

Studies have shown that this type of exercise is more effective than traditional low-intensity aerobic exercise for burning belly fat.

For maximum results, combined super-set workouts with endurance training. For example, do a super-set of bench-pressing then brisk walking for 30 minutes. That’s a single-leg squat with a shoulder press followed by a 1-leg deadlift to finish off your workout.

Do your best to get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night?

Missing out on sleep makes your body hold on to fat, even if you never eat more than your body requires.

Getting a flatter belly for a bikini will require you to lose weight and build muscle.

The best way to do it in the shortest amount of time is by lifting weights. Studies show that the more muscle mass you have the more calories your body burns every day! This means you need the weights to shape up and lose that belly fat and get in shape!

Exercise at least 4 times a week. 

While exercising does not guarantee immediate weight loss, it does improve the fat loss process in several ways. You will notice a boost in your metabolism and you will burn more calories all day long. Having a regular workout also reduces your risk for osteoporosis, heart disease and  obesity.

Cut out alcohol! 

Besides being loaded with calories, alcohol reduces your performance, increases your appetite, and is just plain bad for your health!

Water, Water, Everywhere.

Water science is always a cold science, but for weight loss it is ice cold! You need to consume 10 to 12 8-ounce glasses of water per day – and more if the weather is warmer. Drinking water boosts your metabolism as well, because it creates an “thermogenic effect” in your body that raises your metabolism, or heat production, by up to 30 percent. Studies show that dieters who drink a considerable amount of water before a meal consume less food.

But why not increase your water intake even more – up to a gallon a day. It is estimated that the average person already has an excess of their body weight in waste, and drinking plenty of water will help pass it and help you lose weight!

On average, the human body contains about 60 percent water. 90 percent of the body is composed of water. Thus it is of vital importance for life.

The following are the reasons beverages matter in weight loss:

• Water is an appetite suppressant. At times, when the body is dehydrated, it is thirsty, so when you feel hungry it is a signal that you are really thirsty, and not hungry. Instead of consuming a sweet, calorie loaded snack you could have a glass of water to make you feel full and satiated.

• Water is vital to the process of digestion. This is where most of the vitamins and minerals in our food are absorbed into the blood. Without water, the body is unable to retain the nutrients and becomes prone to getting them toxicity. The liver is one of the biggest organs that Overviews the processing of food. Without enough water the kidneys have to work extra hard to conserve the body.

As the kidneys become overburdened the liver has to help, and as it spends so much time helping the kidneys the liver just cannot do its own part of the miracle job of processing food properly. One of the functions of the liver is to metabolize fat. So if the liver is helping with the kidneys work it is less efficient at the job of fat processing.

• Water is also critical to many body functions. Besides helping with the digestion of food, drinking water helps rid the body of waste, including organ cancer.

After studying health statistics it is apparent that many people are putting on too much weight. At the same time the numbers for overweight brits are also climbing steadily.

As an experienced copywriter for the content writing company, Technical Writers, Ryan possesses an A* A level in English Literature.

Written by Ryan Stinson

As an experienced copywriter for the content writing company, Technical Writers, Ryan possesses an A* A level in English Literature. After taking a gap year, before acquiring a full time career in content creation, Ryan also worked as a full service trainer in his local community where he developed his breadth of knowledge in a range of industries.

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