Vocational Qualification: Your Ticket to a Greener Pasture!


College is a great way to learn and grow, but it doesn’t always prepare you for the workforce. In fact, many people choose vocational training in UAE over college because they want more practical experience before entering the workforce. To help you decide whether vocational training is right for you, we’ve compiled some of the benefits of taking a vocational degree over going to college.

Better Job Prospects

You’re probably thinking, “But vocational qualifications are more expensive than college degrees! How can they be so great?” The answer is that they offer a lot more value.

First, vocational qualifications are in greater demand and therefore tend to command higher salaries than many other types of jobs.

Second, vocational qualifications allow you to get a high-paying job with multiple benefits such as health insurance or retirement plans.

Thirdly (and perhaps most importantly), vocational qualifications make you more versatile because they give you the ability to switch between different industries without having to go back through additional training sessions every time you want a new job!

More Practical Training 

Vocational training is more practical because you learn how to do something. That doesn’t mean that a college degree isn’t useful, but it does mean that a vocational qualification in UAE can be completed in less time than a four-year degree program.

If you’re looking for a career change or would like to start your own business and need some extra cash, then vocational qualifications could be the way forward for you. If this sounds like something interesting, then why not take some time out of your day today and think about what type of work experience would suit your needs best?

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Graduate with Ready Skills 

If you are looking for a career, then you definitely need to learn the right skills. And if your aim is to become self-employed, then it is essential that these skills are ones that can be used immediately in your job or business.

Higher Earning Potential

Vocational qualifications can help you earn more than your college peers, who may not have the same level of experience or training that you do. In fact, some studies show that those with VQs are able to earn an average annual salary of $30-40k more than those without them (source). This means that if you want to make more money as an adult and support yourself financially, it may be worth investing in vocational qualifications instead of attending university or college.

Broader Educational Options

Vocational education is more flexible. In order to work, you need a degree but that doesn’t mean your career path will be set in stone once you get one (and yes, there’s plenty of flexibility). If your career needs change or if something unexpected happens outside of your control, it’s much easier to adjust than it would be if you had a university degree that requires additional courses and exams every few years.

Vocational training provides practical skills that can help improve your current job performance while also allowing for future growth opportunities within specific fields or industries. This gives individuals more control over their own careers as well as greater potential for advancement within existing companies without having an expensive college education hanging over their heads like an albatross around their necks—which makes perfect sense considering how expensive these institutions have become!

Greater Satisfaction with Work and Education Choices

One of the primary benefits of vocational training is that it gives you more control over your career path. You will be able to choose what sort of work you want to do, where you want to live and how much money and time you want to spend at work.

Stop pursuing a degree that you will never finish, and pursue a vocational qualification.

College degrees are overrated. You might have to take classes, but you can also get a vocational qualification that will be more practical for your career.

College degrees are expensive and take time to complete. You can get a vocational qualification in less time and for less money than a college degree. Or perhaps you’re already working full-time and want something more practical than an actual degree (like the option of getting your license while still employed).

The point is that vocational qualifications make sense if you’re looking to start your own business or go into the fields where they’re most needed like construction trades such as carpentry or masonry; computer networking; plumbing; electrical engineering; refrigeration repair technician etc.


While there is no right or wrong answer to which degree you should pursue, it is clear that  best Vocational training institutes are a better choice for many students. Vocational qualifications provide students with practical training and experience in a career field, as well as the opportunity to graduate with ready skills that they can immediately use on the job market.

Furthermore, they give graduates greater satisfaction with their educational choices because they have chosen something achievable instead of pursuing something that will never happen. This means more time spent at work, higher earning potentials from those jobs and broader educational options when choosing schools!

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