Useful logo design tips from professionals

Undeniably, designing the logo needs a lot of brainstorming and consideration of plenty of things. What’re the requirements, what should be added, following the trends, must be likable, and many more.

The logo has a great impact on the success and popularity of any brand. Specifically, while doing marketing, it has a vital role. Even to differentiate your brand from others, logo design is crucial. That’s the reason companies are investing a lot of money in designing the logo.

When you want to grab a user’s attention, try to represent it visually. The human eye is much more likely to remember it quickly. As we know that visuals speak louder than words, then custom logo design becomes even more important. Some of the tips from the professionals who have experience and knowledge about design would make your logo more appealing. So, let’s discuss some of the important tips from the professionals.

01. Start from the paper

One of the most basic things that every designer needs to follow is that they must first try to design in a paper. Design is all about how creatively you think and implement it. There is no doubt that we always get ideas while doing paperwork.

Your concentration and thought process would be higher when you use a pen and paper. The creativity of the designer comes out when they put their ideas on paper, computers are much more distracting. Even you start design anywhere when you have a pen and paper.

02. Ask a few questions

Another very important tip that every professional emphasized. Before starting creating a logo design, designers must have all the information that helps them to make the right result. They should know what questions can be asked before starting design. Those questions can be like the background of the company, purpose behind designing the logo, target market, attribute you want to reflect, and much more.

With these many questions, designers must get their roadmap on what colors, fonts, shapes they should use to make professional logo design appealing and meaningful.

The overall custom logo design is nothing but the inclusion of answers to all the questions asked to clients.

03. Balance the design elements

One of the most crucial tips that every designer must follow. Your logo must have the proper balance of design elements to make it simple yet appealing. A complex custom logo design is not the right solution.

The fonts, colors, shapes you will use must be balanced so that it gives a perfect look. The number of fonts must be limited, you can use one or two different styles of font.

Even the color combination you choose for your professional logo design must be suitable for it. It will specifically apply while using a gradient effect where you are going to use more than one color.

Wrapping up

Therefore, no matter how experienced you are, first, start with the sketch by using pen and paper. That gives you extraordinary ideas to make the logo appealing. Along with that getting some information from clients is also necessary and all of it must be designed nicely. Those were some of the basic and most important tips that any professional can give you.

Written by Basil Staples

Nidhi Dave is working as a content and brand strategist at ProDesigns – a logo design company, recommending strategies to meet customers’ goals and deliver a superior user experience.

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