University of Cambridge: Cost, Courses, Ranking, Admission 2024.


Welcome to the University of Cambridge! It’s a public collegiate research university in England. Not only it’s the oldest university but also the most popular among international students.

Besides prestigiousness, the Cambridge University Courses include multifold subjects ranked in the top 10 in the world. Some of them are linguistics, anatomy and physiology, English language and literature, materials science, and mathematics.

Read this blog to explore everything from Cambridge University Ranking to its fees, courses, and application information.

Cambridge University Ranking & Ratings

Starting its first section with Cambridge University Ranking. The University has been ranked 2nd in the QS World University Rankings for 2024, a testament to its academic excellence and global reputation.

Furthermore, it maintains its leadership in specialised fields, ranking 3rd in the QS WUR Ranking by Subject for 2023.

The University maintains a strong regional presence, ranking 2nd in the QS Europe University Rankings for Northern Europe in 2024 and 3rd in the overall QS Europe University Rankings for the same year.

Hence, the Cambridge University Ranking show its adherence to providing world-class education and research on a global scale.

Cambridge University Courses

Cambridge University, with its intricate web of 31 autonomous colleges, takes pride in its discerning selection process, which caters solely to brilliant minds.

Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Technology are the six distinguished schools within the university.

The university has diverse undergraduate courses spanning over 65 subject domains, as well as a rich array of over 300 postgraduate courses.

Furthermore, it broadens its reach through easily accessible online short Cambridge University Courses. Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Business and economics, Computer Science, Law, Education, Psychology, and European Teaching are among the notable disciplines.

Cambridge University Courses


Cambridge University Fees


9-12 months

Pound 27.5k – 39.7k


3-4 years

Pound 22.2k – 37.3k


12 months

Pound 64k


9 months-2 years

Pound 25.8k – 40k

B.E. / B.Tech

3-4 years

Pound 33.8k – 37.3k


3-6 years

Pound 24.8k – 64k

PG Diploma

9 months-4 years

Pound 26.2k – 27.8k


6 years

Pound 64k


1 year

Pound 51k


9-11 months

Pound 21.4k – 35.7k

University Information

The University has a diverse student body of 21,180 people, with undergraduate students accounting for 62% and postgraduate students accounting for the remaining 38%.

The international community is impressively well-represented, with 7,973 students, with postgraduates accounting for 61% of this demographic.

The university employs a total of 5,502 faculty members, with a nearly equal split between domestic and international personnel, 48% and 52%, respectively.

Undergraduate Study – Entry Requirements

  • You must carefully check for course-specific entry requirements on the website. The university mainly asks for A-level and IB qualifications, yet there can be others. [SAT – 1460+; ATAR – 98.5+]
  • Meet English language proficiency if necessary. [IELTS – 7+; TOEFL – 100+; C2 Proficiency – 200+; C1 Advanced – 185+]
  • You must be over 18 for some Cambridge University Courses but can contact Admissions early when you are under 18.
  • Visas and Secure English Language Tests (SELT)
  • Transfers usually begin with Cambridge University Courses anew.

Postgraduate Study – Entry Requirements

Academic Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects (recognised by Ecctis):
    • 3 years in Business Administration, Business Management, etc.
    • 4 years for Engineering, Pharmacy, etc.
    • 5 years in Architecture, Medicine, etc.
  • Overall grade of 70% or CGPA 7.3/10
  • Different requirements if it’s a first (75% or CGPA 8.0/10)
  • Special consideration for Ashoka University graduates.

English Language:

  • Accept IELTS, TOEFL, CAE (C1 Advanced), and CPE (C2 Proficiency).
  • Tests must be taken within 2 years before the proposed course start date.

Note: Some departments may have higher academic or language requirements. Check course pages for specific details.

Application Process

  1. Research Your Course: You are required to check your desired course details, its requirements and Cambridge University fees structure beforehand and make sure to meet the complete entry requirements.
  1. Check Deadlines: This university has 2 types of deadlines – one is the application and the other is funding. You must apply by the earlier of both deadlines.
  1. Register for Applicant Portal: You must register on the application portal after selecting your desired course. You can also save your application mid-way and collect other required documents.
  1. Contact Referees: You’ll need 2 references for your application. So your referees will then receive an automated reference request but make sure you have their consent beforehand.
  1. Apply for Funding: You can access funding options through the Applicant Portal and leave ample time for the funding section of your application.
  1. Application Fee: You are now required to pay the application fee for your course with potential fee waivers.
  1. Submit Your Application: After completing your application, including document uploads and fee payment (if needed), it’s ready for submission. Please remember:
    1. Submitted applications can’t be edited.
    2. You can’t download a copy after submission, so save it beforehand if desired.
  1. Interview: If your application gets accepted, you must prepare for interviews via video or phone for most departments, faculties, scholarships, and studentships.


Cambridge University provides financial help to international students through country-specific scholarships, Cambridge Trust awards, and college awards. To qualify, you’ll need an acceptance letter and meet specific criteria. Let’s explore some scholarships below.

  1. Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships: ₹2 lakh, merit-based, varying awardees.
  2. Gates Cambridge Scholarship for MBA: ₹87.2 lakhs, deadline Dec 5, 2023, internal, 55 awardees, merit-based.
  3. Irene Hallinan Scholarship: ₹6.5 lakh, internal, one awardee, merit-based, no specified deadline.
  4. Chevening/Cambridge Scholarship for MBA: Internal, varying awards, merit-based.


In conclusion, Cambridge University, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious institutions, offers a wide range of courses in various fields.

Its high ranking, diverse student body, and numerous scholarships make it an attractive choice. For more details on Cambridge University courses, fees, and ranking, explore their official website.

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