Truck Driving Tips: 10 Tips to Keep Your Drive Safe

Nowadays, we entirely depend on trucks for transporting our products or things from one place to another. That’s why we see many trucks on the roads, and these trucks are one of the reasons behind the traffic jams. But it can be impossible to think of our world without trucks. We all know very well about the importance of trucks in the transportation and construction industry.

Drivers always worried about their safety when they drive heavy trucks. Nowadays, every commercial vehicle manufacturer works for safety and comfort to the drivers, and the Tata Signa family is the most remarkable example. These modern trucks come with advanced safety features and a complete comfortable cabin design. Also, it is essential so that the drivers can easily make sure their safety tips during driving.

Driver safety is an essential topic in the global trucking industry. Many losses, injuries and accidents can be stopped by following specific safety systems. As a truck driver, there are few simple ideas that you can perform every day to assure your safety and the protection of other drivers who share the roadway. To help keep the roads safer, America Truck Driving School is pleased to share a few of that safety advice below.

10 Tips to Keep Your Drive Safe

1. Wear Your Seatbelt

Studies show that approximately one in six truck drivers does not use their seat belts. The use of safety belts is not just required, but it is also the most necessary way to lessen injury. More than 40% of crash-related mortality happen every year from not wearing a safety belt.

If we consider Indian drivers in this, we will find around 40% to 50% of drivers not wearing safety belts. But we should have to use a seat belt to minimise the damage.

2. Avoid Using Cell Phone While Driving

Not only is it stupidity, but it is now illegal in almost all states to use a mobile phone while driving. Texting, talking or looking at your phone’s screen is distracting and can lead to a severe accident.

To minimising cellphone’s use, vehicles offer hands-free connectivity to the drivers. This technology truly works for minimising the use of the cellphone.

3. Be Aware of Speed Limits

Speed limits are there, especially ones noted explicitly for trucks. Stay inside the speed limit, and you will stay more protected on the road.

There are different speed limit for the different types of vehicles on the road. We should stay inside the speed limit to minimise the danger.

4. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

While it may sound straightforward, drinking and driving is hazardous and should be bypassed at all costs. Drugs include anything that undermines your physical faculties or judgment, such as medications that may bring drowsiness. Besides having safety tips, being under the influence can also snatch your job.

This is one of the leading reasons which are caused of accidents. That’s why we never drink and drive to minimising casualties.

5. Plan Your Trip

There are unexpected events that could happen on the road, but having a plan can offer you more preparation and safety. The more careful you have your trip prepared out, such as driving hours, weather scouting, routes, etc., the safer your trip will be.

When you plan something properly, you will never face a defeat. In the same way, when you plan a journey, you will never meet any damage.

6. Mind Your Truck’s Space

Always be careful of your truck’s significant weight and height. Ensure that there is a safe space around all sides of your commercial vehicle to stop accidents.

Most drivers are trained for this, but some drive in a hurry and forget to keep sufficient space to stop the accident.

7. Slow Down for Curves

Be mindful when taking turns at an off-ramp or on a curvy way. Slow your speed accordingly to adjust for path changes and other automobiles.

To minimise the rollover damage, you must never turn your vehicle at high speed.

8. Maintain a perfect Stopping Distance

Make sure to maintain sufficient stopping distance between you and other vehicles in front of you. Keeping your head forward and decreasing distractions will help you bypass close interactions.

You should stop your vehicle at a sufficient distance from other vehicles. In this way, you can control danger.

9. Watch Out for the Weather

Some parts of the country are recognised for having unpredictable Weather but attempt to keep track of changes and avoid unsafe driving situations whenever possible.

There are many ways to know weather forecasting. This weather information can save you from unwanted rain, storms and others.

10. Eat Healthy, Stay Fit and Get Your Proper Rest

So drivers should be healthy and fit to minimise unexpected damages.

Healthier food and sufficient rest will keep you more extra alert on the road. Make sure that you get adequate sleep and pull over if you are sensing tired. Have a light snack, take a catnap or stretch your legs. Heaving junk foods, consuming heavy meals and drinking sugary drinks can make you sleepy, so look for healthy options when you can.

Next time you are out on the road, keep these safety instructions in your mind. For more information about truck driving safety and many more, stay with us.

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