Travel Guide: Skyscrapers in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Travel Guide: Skyscrapers in Chicago, Illinois, USA


Think about the skyline of skyscrapers, you may not immediately think of Chicago. In fact, the famous “Wind City” on Lake Michigan is the birthplace of skyscrapers; the first skyscraper was built in 1885; today, its skyline is considered one of the highest and densest in the world.

It all started with the Chicago Fire in 1871. It razed the windy city to the ground, leaving only a few buildings, such as the Chicago Water Tower on Michigan Avenue, still standing. It became a symbol of a city determined to rebuild and innovate.

This provides an opportunity for architects to try new and innovative ideas to rebuild the city. The “Chicago School” is a group of architects who enthusiastically promoted the load-bearing masonry and steel frame structures of the new buildings, some of which are indeed incredible buildings.

This is a whirlwind tour, in less than four square miles, an amazing collection of buildings formed in a canyon made of concrete and steel. Where to stay in Chicago tripline tours

Chicago Riverwalk

Follow the blue-green waters of the Chicago River from Lakeshore Drive and Lake Street for a mile and a quarter along the Riverwalk, although you may find yourself pulling your neck up Look, but don’t forget to look up.

You will see Trump Tower on the Wrigley Building on Michigan Avenue. There are also Art Deco, Modern, International, Fine Art styles, and even Spanish Colonial Revival style buildings.

Even the bridges across the river are fashionable, made of rivet steel, painted dark red, and some with stone towers.

Watch the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field

One of Chicago’s earliest landmarks is “The Friendly Confines”. Wrigley Field is located on the north side of the city and was built in 1914. It was named after the chewing gum king William Wrigley in 1927.

I walked around outside the baseball stadium called Wrigleyville. The community and the stadium seem to be combined to provide a unique baseball experience. The roof stands crowned several buildings behind the outfield fence. Suppliers of peanuts and T-shirts are everywhere. Statues of bear legends such as Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and Harry Caray are dotted on the exterior. The famous red Wrigley Stadium logo is located above the home plate entrance where the game was announced.

I watched the Cubs play the Atlanta Warriors. The sapphire sky is set against the emerald green fields, and the ivy-covered bricks on the outfield walls make my Chicago-style hot dog better.

The beauty and functionality of this steel structure allowed it to survive and became the second oldest Major League Baseball park in the United States. I am better than Fenway in Boston.

Milestone miles (and shopping on Michigan Avenue)

In 1920, with the rise of the revolutionary double-layer steel DuSable bridge over the Michigan Avenue river, the construction industry began to prosper. It has a huge Bedford stone bridge tower with historical relics carved on it. This bridge is the gateway to the Beaux-Arts style, leading to The Magnificent Mile shops along Michigan Avenue.

Wrigley Building (Spanish Colonial Revival), London Guarantee and Accident Building (Beaux-Arts), Chicago Tribune Tower (Gothic Revival) and Art Deco structure of carbide and carbon building and its gold leaf decoration and Northern Michigan 333 Skyscrapers.

Michigan Avenue extends from the north of the bridge, allowing you to shop along the “magnificent” first mile, some famous shops, where you can shop at Bloomingdales, Marshalls, Neiman Marcus, Tiffany, Disney, Nike and other stores.

View of the John Hancock Center

The jagged water tower is located opposite the huge dark facade of the John Hancock Center, and its 360 Chicago Observation Deck is located a thousand feet above the street.

Next door is a multi-storey shopping mall called Water Tower Place, which houses Macy’s and a very cool Lego store. The Chicago skyline created from Lego bricks is displayed in its front window.

Tip: Although the original Harry Carays on Kinzie Street comes with white jacket waiters, souvenirs and Frank Nitti cellars, there is still Harry Caray restaurant on the seventh floor, which is a more authentic experience in Chicago.

Chicago River Architecture Tour

The Chicago River Architecture Boat Tour passes by the Commodity Market, which was built in 1930 and is the largest building in the world. Its 4 million square feet along the river cover more than two urban blocks within the Art Deco wall.

A more modern “Chicago School” architect built the first steel and glass tower along the Lakeshore Drive in 1951. I saw examples of this mid-century modern style, including the double circular towers in Binhai City. It was built in 1967. In addition to the residential area, it also includes office buildings, theaters, gyms, swimming pools, ice rinks, bowling alleys, bars and restaurants. It also paved a marina for your boat.

As Lake Michigan flows into the Chicago River along with the green algae, the cruise ship becomes the southern branch of the river, and the river changes from green to brown.

Chicago diverted the waters of the Chicago River to create this reverse flow to help clean its polluted waterways and protect the drinking water in Lake Michigan. This river is now a source of pride and beauty.

West Wacker 333 is located in the “T” shape of the river, and its huge curved green glass facade reflects other skyscrapers around it, forming a mirror of the city. An “El” train, the famous Chicago elevated bus, crosses the bridge across the river below it.

This is the first post-modern style building that combines the simplicity and elegance of the international style, which changes during the day with the sun and clouds. The “tuning fork” building at No. 150 Beiheyan uses only 25% of its entire land for its narrow carving base, which slid past when we headed south.

The scenery of the north symbolizes Chicago, which is the tallest building in the world in the past 25 years-Willis Tower. It towers 1,450 feet and 100 stories in the sky of Illinois. In 1973, it was called the Sears Tower and houses the headquarters of Sears Roebuck and Company, the world’s largest retailer. This postmodern building has a 105-foot-long cylinder surrounded by four other smaller cylinders on the roof, like a crown, especially at night when it is illuminated by more than a thousand fluorescent lights.

The Willis Tower and John Hancock Center marked the beginning of the super-tall skyscraper movement. The innovative use of the bundled steel pipe construction method enabled the architects and engineers of the “Second Chicago School” to solve structural problems and wind resistance not encountered at lower heights.

Enjoy the view from Navy Pier

For spectacular panoramic views of the Chicago skyline and some of the world’s tallest buildings (six over 1,000 feet tall), head to Navy Pier. These include the Trump International Tower, the second tallest building, and the new third competitor, the Vista Tower, which will rise to 1,191 feet in height, taking third place from its neighbor, Aon Center.

Food: Shaw’s Crab House and Andy Jazz Club

I ended my tour in Chicago, tasted seafood at Shaw’s Crab House, and then enjoyed the sounds of Chicago at Andy’s Jazz Club on the street. I have always imagined Chicago as old and full of crime. However, I stayed here for 48 hours, which made me feel that Chicago, like a building, is beginning to rise to a higher height.

Check into Sheraton Hotel

The Sheraton Hotel is ideally located on the Chicago Riverwalk, Water Street and Columbus Avenue. Its rooms overlook the river and the beautiful city skyline, and all attractions including Navy Pier are within walking distance.

Reach there

Fly: British Airways flies to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Check for cheapest flight bookings to chicago

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