TOP 7 Reasons to Visit Leeds BY CAR

Looking for a good place to visit this weekend, visit Leeds. This city will impress you with its surpassing beauty and uncontainable energy. You’ll have a chance to dive into its pulsating nightlife, admire the architecture, and shop with pleasure. There are many interesting activities, including festivals and museums, local cuisine, and theatres. You probably need to think of how to travel around the city. Don’t forget that one day you’ll want to get out of the city boundary and go away from hustle and bustle.

How to travel by car in Leeds?

Car sharing

Many people are afraid of city traffic. They need a car occasionally, therefore, they prefer traveling over the city by using car sharing. That means you can find people who follow the same route as you and share your car. You’ll pay jointly and enjoy your trip for cheap. One way or another, you need some time to find fellow travelers.

Car hire

If you are on a trip with your family or just like traveling in comfort, you may hire a car in Leeds. Car hire companies provide tourists with convenient access to vehicles of different types and models. You can save your time and nerves by hiring a car. However, car-sharing is not an option for family travelers. You need a vehicle with enough space for passengers and their luggage. What is more, you will surely want to go out of the city at least once a visit to admire the beauty of Yorkshire nature. Use a popular car hire app to solve this question quickly and effectively.

Reasons to visit Leeds

There are many reasons to visit Leeds by car, but here is the top of them.

1. Because of Yorkshire views

There is nothing better than the ‘gateway to Yorkshire’. Leeds is a perfect start point where you can hire a car and build up your route in your own way. can help you with the choice of cars. Whenever you go from Leeds, you can find the picturesque peaks of the Yorkshire Dales, Ilkley Moor, old parks, and historical urban streets and passages of York. Think of arranging a picnic somewhere in nature.

2. Because of restaurants

You should try local food when traveling to Leeds. There are so many restaurants to choose from. How about dining at The Man Behind the Curtain? This interesting place serves really interesting dishes. Or, you can go to The Midnight Bell for a brilliant Sunday roast. The city is filled with excellent eateries so that you will never have problems with a restaurant for tonight. If you like to eat out, Leeds offers Asian-style cafes and elegant food stalls. Traveling by car you can change restaurants and eat in a new place every day.

3. Because of arts

Henry Moore Institute is the first touristic place you should visit in Leeds. Actually, the city area is full of art galleries, art museums, street exhibitions. You may have a fantastic day out is drive your hire car across the city in search of the best architecture samples. Go to explore the Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle and you will be impressed.

4. Because of theatres

Leeds is a high cultural city with many theatres you are invited to visit. They grow both local and national talents. So, park your car at the home of Opera North, Northern Ballet, or Phoenix Dance Theatre. You can find more if ask locals and they will show you the way how to find places with the most prestigious reputation.

5. Because of shopping

Do you like shopping? Everyone likes! Of course, Leeds cannot be compared with Milan, New York, or London. Nevertheless, the city is full of big shopping centers. If you don’t care about high-fashion things, go to the famous Kirkgate Market. This is a place of vintage clothes and interesting souvenirs.

6. Because of festivals

You can come to Leeds at any time of year and you will surely find some time for festivals. Leeds will show you a unique mix of cultures, from West Indian Carnivals and winter colorful celebrations. The famous Leeds Festival attracts music lovers and from all over the country every year. Check the dates on the website.

7. Because of bars

Hire a car and go to find the best really amazing and atmospheric places where you can stop for a drink and friendly talk. Actually, local bars are the places where people come for social gatherings every evening. Leave your car at the street parking if you are going to hit the bar and try beers or cocktails.

Leeds is a marvelous place. Even if you are not sure where to go and what your trip will be about, come to Leeds, hire a car, and start your journey. You will never be disappointed.

Written by Lily Berns

Lily Berns is an experienced traveler and writer willing to share her rich travel experience.

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