Top 5 Agriculture Machinery – Meaning, Importance, and Uses

Agriculture means nurturing animals and various crops for fulfilling the food requirements of the world. This process ages to ancient times, when the farmers performed most farm activities manually. However, with the onset of technology, agriculture witnessed a drastic shift in the farming approach.

Technical advancements boosted the tractors’ performance no doubt, but these upgradations also helped develop efficient and effective agricultural machinery that enhances the farms’ productivity to a great extent. Some examples of agriculture machinery are Rotavator, Seeder, Harvester, Brush Cutter, Power Tiller, etc.

Continue reading to learn how these pieces of machinery hold such significance in a farmers’ life along with their uses.

Importance of using agriculture machinery

  • Agricultural machinery helps save farmers’ time, energy, and money.
  • These eliminate the need for working manually and let the farmers’ work smartly.
  • They reduce the dependence on labour and makes the farmers’ self-reliant.
  • Also, agricultural machinery effectively enhances the soil along with the overall farm productivity as these are built for performing specific operations with complete attention.
  • Their compact design ensures easy transportation from one place to another.
  •  These are readily available to all farmers due to their affordable price range.

Most useful Agricultural machinery in India

1. Rotavator

This farm implement performs tillage work with the most efficiency. It gets attached to the tractors’ rear end to prepare the soil before cultivation. This farm machinery helps manipulate the ground, mix it with crop residues, and maintain the soils’ health. The top brands manufacture rotavator following the soils’ requirement. This is why this equipments’ design (weight and size) depends upon the soils’ condition. Low horsepower rotavators suit loose soils while high horsepower rotavators suit demanding soils.

2. Seeder

As the name suggests, a seeder helps the farmers to sow seeds. This process of sowing seeds used to be performed with hands for a long time. With technological enhancements, this device reduced the farmers’ burden. A seeder helps in spreading the seeds all over the soil, maintaining equal distance. Not only this, but this efficient machine also buries the seeds with uniform depths. This agricultural machinery helps save wastage while maximising the soils’ productivity.

3. Harvester

Harvesting is the process of collecting grains after they have completely ripened. A harvester helps perform this process with the most ease. This machinery conveniently gathers the crops, separates them from their stalks, and unloads the grain for further use. It helps eliminate the need for various agriculture machinery for harvesting, thus saving costs and reducing the harvest loss.

4. Brush Cutter

This powerful tool trims the farmland with utmost finishing. It comes with metal blades that efficiently cut through rough patches including thick vegetation. This machinery enhances the soils’ productivity by removing unnecessary cultivation around. It is easy to use, versatile, durable, powerful and maximizes the farmers’ convenience.

5. Power Tiller

This is a walking tractor with a compact design, used for multiple applications. This farm machinery best-suits the hilly regions and water flooded terrains. It helps perform various functions including land preparation, sowing seeds, spraying the fields, harvesting, and threshing. Farmers mostly use this robust machinery with small landholdings.

In short, agriculture machinery eases the farmers’ work with excellent features. Built for specific functions, these pieces of machinery offer optimum results with minimal investment. For further information about different farm machinery, their uses and specifications, check our website.

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