Tips for Choosing the Ideal Antique Diamond Ring for Your Engagement

Antique diamond rings have become a growing favorite for engagements due to their unique design, intricate craftsmanship and timeless beauty. If you’re thinking of purchasing an antique diamond ring for your engagement, here are some tips on selecting the ideal one:

Antique Diamond Rings

Familiarize Yourself with the Different Eras of Antique Diamond Rings

Antique diamond rings come from many eras, each with its own distinctive characteristics and aesthetic. Popular examples include Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, and Art Deco periods. Take some time to research each era’s design elements and aesthetics so you can gain a better understanding of what you’re searching for.

Decide On The Cut and Carat Weight

Antique diamond rings come in various cuts and carat weights, just like modern diamond rings do. The cut refers to the diamond’s shape; popular antique cuts include round brilliant, old mine, and cushion cuts. As for carat weight, that relates to size; larger ones tend to cost more. Ultimately, decide which cut and carat weight best suits your preferences while staying within budget.

Check the Ring’s Condition

Before purchasing an antique diamond ring, it is essential to inspect its condition carefully. Antiques can be delicate and may have undergone years of wear and tear; look for cracks, chips or scratches in either the diamond or setting as well as whether any significant repairs or alterations have been done which could negatively affect its value. Additionally, ensure there are no significant repairs or alterations which could have lowered its original cost significantly.

Consider the Ring’s Metal

Antique diamond rings come in a range of metals, such as yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Yellow gold was the most popular antique engagement rings material until mid-20th century; white gold and platinum became more common during Art Deco era designs. When selecting your metal for engagement ring, consider which best complements your diamond and fits within your personal aesthetic.

Find a Reputable Antique Dealer

When purchasing an antique diamond ring, it’s essential to locate a reputable dealer who specializes in antique jewelry. Make sure they can give you an extensive history of the ring’s provenance and authenticity as well as provide you with a certificate of authenticity and guarantee for its condition. Additionally, these dealers usually come with good customer reviews.

When selecting an antique diamond ring, take time to find one that speaks to you and expresses your unique style. An antique diamond ring is a piece of jewelry you will wear for life – so take time to find one you adore and feel proud wearing every day.

Finally, selecting an antique diamond ring for your engagement can be a stunning way to add an eye-catching and timeless piece of jewelry to your collection. By researching different eras of antique diamond rings, deciding on the cut and carat weight, inspecting its condition, assessing its metal type, finding a reliable dealer, and selecting a ring that speaks to you personally, you are sure to find the ideal antique diamond ring to commemorate both your love and commitment.

Written by Eric Originals

We treasure and value passion and appreciation of antique and estate jewelry, in the collections which we have carried since 1978. Therefore, at Eric Originals and Antiques, we are committed to our loyal customers for the unique experience of owning jewelry with a history and a past! In our boutique, located in the Diamond District of NYC, you can get a superb range of vintage diamonds, gold and platinum jewelry by finding the one, which is parallel to your personality. We give new life to treasured pieces that are so unique and special in every way. We work together with our customers to build long term relationships in their quest for antique and estate jewelry, here at Eric Originals and Antiques in New York.​

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