Starting a Career While in Maternity Leave: Ideas for Work at Home

Are you looking for ideas on how to improve the home budget or change career altogether while you are on maternity leave? You are in the right place since we will discuss different possibilities to work at home, which can serve as inspiration.

Pregnancy and early motherhood are essential events in the lives of many women worldwide. The arrival of a baby is a big deal on its own because it represents the beginning of a whole new life, and it does require some adjustments.

After a life-changing experience, such as giving birth, many women start questioning what they want their and the lives of their children to be. When you are on maternity leave for the first time, there are many things you need to get used to – like a baby’s sleeping and feeding schedules, absence of sleep during the night, and so on. After you adjust to a new family member, this period starts to be ideal for you to deal with all the questions.

Some women plan to have more kids in the future and wonder whether the best option is to return to work and work towards getting promoted and setting their career. But maybe in your case, the situation is different. You may think that going back to work isn’t something you really want and that you have to find another way to earn money while taking care of your child.

This is often the situation because a lot of women cannot have flexible schedules, or they have to spend too much time commuting, and nothing of these fits with raising a child. Some also feel that they have done maximum at their work and don’t see how they can progress.

If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, it is time to look into options that offer you the possibility to start your own business and work at home. In today’s text, we are going to talk about how to be a work at home mom and offer you some work from home ideas.

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Benefits When You Work at Home

Before we proceed with concrete proposals for work at home jobs for moms, we would like to say that they bring a lot of benefits. You can:

  • Decide when you are going to work
  • Spend more  quality time with kids
  • Earn more money
  • Be your own boss
  • Save the money  you’d spend for gas or public transport
  • Escape the office dynamics

If consider all these advantages, you might want to quit immediately and begin your work at home mom job. Let’s check what we selected for today and see if there is something you like.

Ideas to Work at Home

  • Transcriber

This is a great work at home career option because it ultimately allows you to organize your schedule. You choose an audio file that you want to transcribe based on the ranking, difficulty level, and the due date. The good thing about it is that you can do it little by little whenever you have time.   Transcribers are usually paid by the hour, and the rate is set to around $15 per one hour.  This job is ideal for those who can type quickly, and if you are interested in it, you can apply through websites like TranscribeMe.

  • Translator

To be a translator, though, you need to be either bilingual or fluent in two languages. You will have audio and video files or written documents that you will need to translate from one language to another.  There are a lot of assignments online that you can find as a freelance translator. There is also a possibility to find a company that is hiring translators for remote jobs from home. The average pay for a translation job is about $ 32 per hour, but it can vary based on the difficulty of the task. Some people are also paying by numbers of words or characters.

  • Writer

This is one of the best and, maybe, most flexible stay at home mom career opportunities. It is a perfect job for creative women. Ideally, you should have some writing experience, but it is not mandatory. There is a variety of topics you can write about – animals, exercise, dieting, economy, etc., so you won’t have difficulties finding someone who would want to pay for your texts.  You can work on your schedules as long as you follow the deadlines your client or editor has previously set.


We went through only some of the work at home jobs that we particularly liked. There are many more, and we are sure you can find something you will love. Have you already started your own business from home? Or are you thinking about it? We value your opinions and ideas, and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Written by Betti Wilson

Betti Wilson is a freelance author, but, what’s more important, what she is really devoted to, is her children. In her articles, she shares her own experience and writes about parenthood, lifestyle, family challenges and how to deal with them without losing a positive attitude.

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