See Further With Our 2018 F150 LED Headlights

If you have a 2018 F150, odds are you’ve probably already burnt through the factory halogen bulbs, or you’re looking to increase your visibility while driving at night. Halogen bulbs not only have a short lifespan, but they also don’t give you the ideal level of visibility. Here at Diode Dynamics, we have engineered 2018 F150 LED Headlights that will help increase your visibility and last as long as your truck. If you need a new set of bulbs, it’s time to consider an upgrade instead of a replacement.

Our team of engineers took a look at the LED headlight bulbs on the market and created our premium SL1 bulbs from the ground up to be superior on all levels. Unlike other brands that import their lights, we engineer and manufacture our headlight bulbs here in the United States. When you buy a set of lights from Diode Dynamics, you can rest assured that. Your new lights are the result of countless hours of engineering to make them a perfect fit for your truck.

Unlike the stock F150 halogen headlights’ yellowish glow, our SL1 LED bulbs to produce a 5700K cool white light. Our bulbs not only look better and give your truck a more modern look, but they also produce more output where you need it that will help you see further and drive with confidence.

Our bulbs not only make your headlights look and perform better, but they also last longer. A stock halogen bulb can last up to 1000 hours, often requiring annual changes. Our 2018 F150 LED headlights are designed to offer an incredible lifespan of over 40,000 hours. You could run these bulbs for 10 hours a day, and they would still last 11 years, which is the average lifespan of a vehicle. When you install a set of our LED bulbs in your truck, they should be the last bulbs you will ever need.

Installing our bulbs in your truck is a simple process. On the 2018 F150, you don’t even have to pop the hood to replace the lights. Instead, you remove the three screws and one rivet in the wheel well to peel the fender liner out of the way. Then you remove the dust cap, remove the old bulbs, and replace them with your new SL1 bulbs. Once the connectors are in the socket and the bulbs have been tested, you tuck the wiring back into the headlight assembly, reinstall your dust cap, and resecure the fender liner. The entire process of replacing your high and low beams should only take you about 30 minutes. Best of all, there is no modification needed to resecure the factory dust cap.

If you’re ready to upgrade your truck with our plug and play 2018 F150 LED headlight bulbs, visit Diode Dynamics today. We are so certain that you’ll love the increased output and lifespan of your new LED bulbs that we include a three-year worry-free warranty. Order your new headlights today or find an authorized dealer near you at

Written by Tara Bloch

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