Rediffmail Better Than Gmail- Know the Top 5 Reason

Summary:- Every individual or professional uses multiple email services according to their needs. Besides this, users compare the email clients to know the salient features and cost-effective services. And, if you’re the one who is searching to know Rediffmail better than Gmail then certainly, you are in the right place. There is no doubt that you have heard the names of these email clients when it comes to finding convenient webmail. However, there are possibilities that you might not be aware of the robust features of these email providers. In this article, we will walk through the comparison between Rediffmail and Gmail. So, keep note of the difference below while choosing any of these email services.

Rediffmail and Gmail: Which One Do You Need to Select?

Before heading to know Rediffmail better than Gmail, let’s first briefly talk about both email providers. Starting with Rediffmail, one of the most distinguished and recognized Indian-rooted email services. is among the popular mainstream companies offering Rediff shopping and webmail services effortlessly. Speaking about the web-based email services, it is yet another webmail similar to the email services. However, the robust and seamless features of Rediffmail consist of an intuitively designed interface for the users.

Besides this, the wide range of its services includes the smooth transmission of emails, avoiding spam, protection against anti-virus, and allowing users to access the webmail easily on any device. Also, the uniqueness of using this webmail service includes conveniently managing or scheduling the Calendar and Tasks. Thus, professionals can rely on this email provider to use enormous services. Now, you might be familiar with the features of Rediffmail and you might have a question; Is Rediffmail safer than Gmail? Then, you need to understand the features of Gmail like Rediffmail.

Undoubtedly, Gmail is one of the most popular and eminent free email services offered by Google itself. And, it has certainly garnered recognition due to its excellent and simple user-centric interface. Like other webmail, you can flawlessly send and receive email here. Moreover, if you’re a prominent user of Gmail then, you must be aware of the wide range of accessibility in any device or system of this email client. Talking about its extensive features such as spam filtering, scheduling emails, easy-to-fit interface, real-time updation, and most importantly, hassle-free backup option in different file formats. With this, you might get an overview of Rediffmail better than Gmail. Now, let’s unfold the difference between and quickly.

Is Rediffmail safer than Gmail? Know the Complete Comparison

In this section, we will throw light on the difference between Rediffmail and Gmail. With the above discussion, you might get a comprehensive understanding of the features of both email providers in brief. Here, we will compare the email services and aim to find the most convenient email services for both professionals and businesses. Let’s begin the discussion.

1. Accessible Interface:- It is important to design an intuitive and seamless interface for the users. Moreover, talking about the navigation and responsive layout of Rediffmail slightly needs more updating and an effortless user experience. Besides this, it is quite troublesome for users to manage emails without the features of real-time updates. Finding Rediffmail better than Gmail, we need to know the key features of Gmail email services.

Gmail offers a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate user-friendly interface to its users. Despite Rediffmail, Gmail is more responsive and understandable to any age-group users. Most importantly, it can frequently provide real-time improvement and updates to add seamless convenience for users. Thus, users can migrate Rediffmail emails to Gmail to explore the better features.

2. Integration and Collaboration Feature:- Rediffmail offers Calendar and Task features to the users. With this users can easily schedule events, tasks, appointments, and even manage the meetings. On the other hand, Gmail provides multiple integrated services including Google Drive, Creation apps, Calendar, Meet, Chats, Task, and so on in one place. Thus, you might get closer to finding the answer Is Rediffmail safer than Gmail? Now, head to understand more features.

3. Convenient Storage Solution:- It is among the most vital factors related to webmails. Therefore, it is essential to understand the storage limit offered by these webmails. Starting with Rediffmail, it provides seamless transmission of emails in its free account till certain limits. Once users threshold the limit, it brings issues or errors related to storage.

On the flip side, Gmail provides sufficient storage capacity to the users. Hence, users can use the space up to 15 GB which includes emails, Google photos, attachments, docs, spreadsheets, slides, etc. In storage features, we can conclude that Rediffmail better than Gmail is not true.

4. Spam Filtering:- Besides the above-mentioned points, protection against spamming and junk emails is among the inevitable factors, that users need to keep in mind. Rediffmail offers minimal security features related to spamming and virus protection. Therefore, users can explore the better spam filtering factors in Gmail.

Moreover, Gmail has advanced filtering algorithms to abstain users from any kind of threat and risk factor. Hence, using Gmail is a more convenient and secure option.

5. Different Device Connectivity:- Do you still find the explanation of Is Rediffmail safer than Gmail? Then, you should know this point. Rediffmail allows only mobile and webmail accessibility to the users. On the other hand, Gmail offers a distinctive range of accessible and feature-rich factors.

Moreover, users can easily and flawlessly access their Gmail emails using any Android, iOS, web browser, and any device. Most importantly, it will provide real-time synchronization and updates to the users.


In this article, we have broadly discussed the difference between Rediffmail and Gmail. Moreover, using the aforementioned comparison, users can easily find that Rediffmail better than Gmail is not correct. In simple words, Rediffmail retains various functionalities however, Gmail has rich features that enable users to seamlessly experience the excellent UX interface and build a network with their like-minded businesses. Now, users can choose the better option according to their webmail requirements.

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