New Holland 640-s Tractors & MF tractors at reasonable prices: 

NH 640 Tractor is 75HP tractor.

New Holland 640-s Tractor is a 75HP tractor of New Holland Malik Agro Industries tractors. However, Once it was a Fiat brand and now is being contrived by Malik Agro Industries in Pakistan. Although, NH 640 is rival with Massey Ferguson’s tractor MF 375 which is 75 HP. While, In the present market, NH 640 is taking the velocity, and its demand is rising gradually. Besides, New Holland 640 used for agricultural (ploughing) reasons frequently. This tractor’s best measure for Laser Land Leveller and Disc plough, the tendency to use it on trolley or moving is ever-increasing. Although, Malik Agro Industries has amplified the quality of the tractor but not at par yet. While, Value accumulation has also done by the corporation, and the customer appreciates the same.

Malik Agro Industries provides New Holland farming tractors ranging from 55 hp to 85 hp. While, All of our farming tractors models presented at an excellent economical price. In fact, opt for any model from the specified list according to your requirements and specifications. We will deliver it to your country like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, DRC, Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Cameroon, and other African Countries. If you require any help, our customers support team obtainable 24/7.

Booking and Delivery of 640 Tractors:

After booking the tractor through a corporation, it allowed dealer tractor to deliver after two and a half months. If you want it immediately available, you have to buy this tractor on the black market with additional charges.

Reduced Tractor Prices Exclusively for Botswana Region:

Malik Agro Industries is supplying agricultural machinery for many years, we have tailored and special deals for our treasured customers in Botswana. If you desire to buy one unit or bulk from any place in Botswana, you are welcome & imperative to us. Malik Agro Industries brings this chance for you to gain yourself of the low-cost prices starting from as low as P80, 000 for brand-new tractors.

Our consignment completed in containers unswervingly to Gabon Terminal Gaborone in 20ft / 40ft shared and non-shared containers as up to the order. If you would like to get in touch with us regarding New Holland/Massey Ferguson/Ford Tractors and apparatus, Please stop up the form under and one of our sales rep will get in touch with you brusquely.


MF 260 is a medium-range tractor presented by Massey Ferguson; it is a hard-wearing, fuel-efficient, and robust machine prepared with a turbocharged engine and exceedingly in demand by farmers small to medium scale. It carries 60 HP and is pretend in 2WD option.

MF260 is 60 HP and manufacture a torque of 212Nm at 1600 RPM. It is turbocharged which creates additional power and benefits gloomy and soft soil where traction is much desirable. It has a 2.5l water-cooled engine with straight injection and carries 3 cylinders. The overall load of MF 260 is 1890 Kg and an available wheelbase of 1890 mm and can carry 47.5L of fuel and an engine sump of around 6.8l.

Agricultural Implements:

For all such farming problems, Malik Agro Industries are here to offer the solution. Our website advance with all the newest farming equipment, stipulation, pricing, and essential information. Malik Agro Industries believes that farmers will discover the best and most gainful farm implements with accurate information.

Third-world farmers, though in distressed need of modish tools, cannot access them because they live in areas with limited outlets. Thousands and thousands of farmers fail to exploit just because their locale has partial options. And there frequently 18-hour work list hardly allows room for an excursion to a metropolis. Although,  This difficulty has triggered the demand for a dealer that can achieve remote farmers.

We – Malik Agro Industries – comprehend this issue and have to linger out operations across the globe. Also, We now cover the farthest-reaching corners of the world and undertake rigid product delivery and after-sales support. While, From their farm, or yet from their bedroom, farmers can now access Massey Ferguson Tractors’ newest models and their fundamental farming implements. Although, Our site is trouble-free to browse and offers all the information regarding the products and prices and the terms.

Our website provisions plough, sprayers, reapers, harrows, loaders, ridges, diggers, mowers, threshers, and harvesters for the busy but productive farmer. In conclusion, Malik Agro Industries is the gateway to the finest farm equipment manufacturers. Also, It is a place where each farmer gets what he needs, where he wants. Browse our Agricultural equipment segment for a big inventory of agricultural products and farming implements.

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