Moving Delays: How to Manage Them

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Moving is fraught with stress, but one thing that exacerbates stress more than anything else is a delay. Unfortunately, avoiding delays all the time is impossible. But one thing you can do to take delays calmly is to be prepared and push your deadlines a little bit so you don’t get delayed. Movers and Packers in Dubai Marina is one of the best services for loading, packing, and shifting.

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What causes moving delays?

There are many reasons for moving delays, such as:


Driving down the motorway or through traffic can be easy in your sedan, but it becomes much harder – and slower – in a large truck. Even in the most favorable conditions, your movers will have to take it easy and go a little slower. When the weather deteriorates, drivers often have to drive even slower or stop and wait for conditions to improve. This can mean as much as 20 minutes of driving in the rain, or several days if there is an ice storm on the way.

Road and traffic conditions

Road and traffic conditions also play a role. Summer in particular is the peak season for all kinds of distractions such as road construction, holidaymakers taking to the highways, and road accidents. Highways, which are busiest in July and August, meaning that even a minor accident can set cars back several miles.

Transport authorities usually plan work and repairs for the warmer months. Be sure to check your route in advance for construction delays and then plan accordingly. Professional movers who know the terrain understand what can slow down their trucks; they know to avoid big cities during rush hour, for example, and no shortcuts to take when things get tough.

The season

Summer is the most convenient time for most people to move. This means that their trucks and crews will be loaded to capacity, resulting in delays for you.


Logistics can be tricky for even the most experienced moving company. Let’s say you’re planning a move to an urban area with limited parking; a huge van of movers may not be able to find parking space immediately, and this could result in a delay of several hours. Instead, your belongings may have to be loaded into smaller vehicles that can fit on the street. Or, let’s say your new home is on a winding mountain road that a large truck won’t be able to drive over safely. You may have to wait for the shuttle truck, which increases the processing time.

Delay management

Better safe than sorry, so plan for delays at both stages of the move. Here’s what you can do if your movers don’t arrive or deliver on time.

Know your deadlines. Movers try not to promise an exact time and date because they know that delays happen. Movers should tell you the final date in advance. This will allow for delays caused by a congestion of 12 cars on the highway or weather events that delay the crew’s work.

Inform your real estate agent of anything that will delay your departure from your old house. When giving up utilities, allow a few days of freedom so that you have water and wi-fi leftover in case of a delay.

Make hotel reservations in the new city if you arrive ahead of the movers.

Flexibility is the key to a successful move. If you can anticipate what might go wrong, you’ll have less of a chance to snap when the inevitable happens.

Written by Malil Jamil

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