Most Fascinating Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Recruitment

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Keeping up with the rise in technology is indispensable for every industry, and recruitment is no exception. Advanced technologies have greatly influenced the recruitment arena changing the ways employers find new talent while offering them many exciting benefits. And Artificial Intelligence has a big share in this technologically advanced recruitment. Many permanent recruitment solutions providers have started embracing AI technologies to speed up their recruitment process and yield the best outcomes.

It is interesting to find out how AI helps recruiters in different ways, making things way easier for them. So, let’s unleash curiosity. Here is a list of the most interesting uses of AI in recruitment that will blow your mind. If you are an employer or recruiter, getting acquainted with these AI applications will help you improve your recruitment game.

1. Advanced-Data Analytics

Data-driven recruitment has been helping recruiters improve the quality of hire while reducing costs. Now, AI-powered analytics are greatly informing recruiters’ hiring decisions. Tangible facts and stats offered by AI-driven systems empower recruiters to be more efficient with their hiring processes. Be it creating recruitment plans, selecting candidates, and predicting future hires. AI offers more useful insights and advanced data analytics that help predict successful courses of action and outcomes. For instance, AI can be used to identify why specific applications’ conversion rates are less or more effective than others.

2. AI-powered Assistants

AI-powered Assistants, commonly known as Chatbots, are widely used in various parts of HR. Chatbots lets recruiters automate and enhance candidate engagement and communication, which saves significant time and cost. AI-powered voice assistants using deep learning and machine learning capabilities can automate most HR tasks, including sourcing, resumes, scheduling interviews, screening candidates, etc. AI-assistants are also effective at encouraging candidates to complete the application process and increase conversion rates.

3. Rediscovering Candidates

Sometimes the best candidates are just a call away from you, but you fail to notice them. They are the candidates who have previously shown interest in your company. Many recruiters don’t maintain the database of candidates resumes and thereby miss out on some promising talent. However, AI is avoiding this big mistake and helping recruiters to hire better candidates easily.

AI-powered voice assistants create and maintain a database of candidates from all external and internal resources. Therefore recruiters get a wide pool of qualified candidates readily available to recruit smartly and quickly.

4. Candidate Sourcing

The first step in recruitment is to source potential candidates from different sources and create a pipeline. But, the process is tedious and time-consuming, especially when you don’t know the sources to find candidates. With advanced AI capabilities, recruiters can automate this tedious process and reach several candidates easily. Certain AI-powered solutions can analyze millions of social profiles of candidates and source the best ones. Many AI-powered tools can also keep candidates in the pipeline engaged by sending them personalized messages.

5. Writing Job Advert

A job advert is a crucial part of the recruitment process that helps source the best possible candidates. It is the first thing potential candidates actually see from your company. As the competition in the recruitment market is relatively high, your job post needs to be powerful and compelling to attract promising candidates. AI-powered data and predictive analytics help recruiters create high-quality job posts. For instance, some AI analytic tools identify meaningful language patterns and other insights to write powerful job posts that actually succeed.

6. Hiring Remote Workers

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, searching and managing remote workers is quite challenging for employers. It is important to find trustworthy candidates and ensure that they work properly and loyally.

Luckily there are already several AI tools available for hiring and managing remote workers. Some pre-employment assessment tools help recruiters assess potential employees’ honesty, personality, skills, ethics, and cultural fit. AI is quite useful in identifying potential threats when hiring remote candidates.

7. Online Application Management

The most significant role of AI in recruitment is managing online applications. AI tools are helping employers prioritize thousands of resumes and accelerate the recruitment process. AI can easily sort, search, and assess the word flows, keywords, and other data used by the applicant tracking from recruiter databases.

8. Interview

One of the most effective ways companies using AI for recruitment is during interviews. Some AI platforms provide recruiters with expert evaluation assistance, a repository of dynamic questions, voice and face recognition, video conferencing, recorded interviewing, and many other facilities for the efficient and smooth interview process. Moreover, when video interviews are combined with AI capabilities, help better assess candidates. The AI-powered platforms are quite helpful in technical hiring.

9. Building Candidate-Employer Relationship

Recruitment doesn’t only compromise hiring candidates. It also includes building and maintaining a relationship with passive candidates. AI-powered platforms let employers build relationships with passive candidates proactively. Using AI and machine learning elements, the platforms identify passive candidates and also suggest an ideal time to reach out to those candidates.

10. Customizing Employee Value Propositions

Employee Value Proposition essentially means a set of benefits provided by employers in return for the capabilities, skills, and experiences an employee contributes to the organization. As every employee is different with different skills and abilities, there should be a customized set of benefits for everyone. With AI’s analyzing and prediction capabilities, it could be possible for employers to provide customized EVP that suits their different candidate personas and every individual applicant.

Future of AI in Recruitment

So, will the AI replace human recruiters in the future? Though the possibility is usually considered unimaginable, AI will soon perform almost every task in recruitment. Artificial Intelligence will shape the future of recruitment, bringing a lot of convenience and perks for employers.

Final Thoughts!

If you are still using the conventional hiring practices or recruitment tools, you may lack behind in the highly competitive market. It is essential to embrace the latest technologies like AI to speed up your recruitment process and stay ahead in the competition. The benefits of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment are quite exceptional, and you must avail them to the fullest.

Written by Vatsala Panwar

Vatsala is a passionate writer, and SEO executive at Chetaru-International Digital Marketing Agency. Beyond search engines, she is best at expressing her thoughts and informative stuff in articles. She is always keen to learn and apply new things in her professional and personal life.


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