Microsoft’s Innovative WCOS Spotted In Windows 10 Support Document

Microsoft’s project “OneCore,” which means Windows 10, Xbox10, windows server, windows 10 IoT, HoloLens OS, and Windows 10 mobile all are built on the same “core” of the operating system. Microsoft wants that all windows devices run on the same operating system that name is “core” and develop Windows Core OS for the same purpose.

Moreover, the job posting on the LinkedIn state about the new operating system and OneCore team involved building. Microsoft has never declared its plan for Windows 10 core OS officially. But the company’s documentation and own employee’s LinkedIn profile has given the idea of this update.

Recently we spotted, the employees of Microsoft had updated their LinkedIn account. They mention that the tech giant’s innovative Windows Core OS may come with improvements. According to the employee’s LinkedIn profile, Microsoft has plans to cover up new features on the notifications system and accessibility improvements.

Windows Core OS version run on multiple form-factors, and also has been dappled in its own documents. This is the second time when we observed, Microsoft plan to Windows Core OS for publicly accessible.

What exactly is Windows Core OS?

The posting, according to LinkedIn, WCOS (windows core OS), is the one type of operating system which will be shared with the all-new Windows devices. This OS is developing by Microsoft’s OneCore team. Windows 10 also support the foldable devices. In the market, no one fits better then windows 10 for foldable PCs. Especially for foldable devices, Microsoft started building OS with new features and rebuild many more features.

Windows Core OS is the powers HoloLens2, and other platforms may uncover before the end of this year. The modular windows OS could be supported on dual-screen devices too. This project will provide quick windows updates to all Windows devices, and it will not replace the current version of windows 10.

Coming to a dual-screen and foldable close to you

Home Windows Core OS apparently by Microsoft itself. In a short time, the primary system operating the system program very speedy. Microsoft has arranged the event on Oct 2, and there are announced that corporate will showcase a dual-screen Floor codenamed Floor Centaurus and foldable devices on the event. It is possible that Microsoft will be operating the home windows core OS.

Supported Windows 10 Core OS app types

This new version of Windows supports particular app types in which users are running. The given table shows the supportability of app types for windows 10.

Microsoft app type

[Image source: from Microsoft website]

As per t6his image, you can clearly see that Windows Core OS supports, web apps, and APPX. Apart from this, it will also help other app formats. Many different app types can be supported by Microsoft COS, which is not mentioned. For security purposes, Microsoft’s Win32 programs are sandboxed and containerized on WCOS.


All these plans are not officially unconfirmed, Microsoft may change, but, admittedly, Microsoft is actively working on the modular platform version.

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