Lehenga Designs Choosing The Right Dupatta For Your Wedding Lehenga

A perfect lehenga becomes even more perfect if you have a stunning dupatta to accompany it. Drape it around in whatever way you want and it would still look good on you. Not to mention the huge varieties of patterns and designs on these dupattas that will make your bridal look rise from beautiful to mesmerizing.

And Indian bride doesn’t really look like one if she doesn’t have her dupatta draped around her body and over her head on her wedding day. It is just as bit of designer as it is traditional. When it comes to the Indian tradition style, nothing can beat those floral motifs on the dupatta which gives the bride an elegant yet classy look. The dupatta can be a perfect combination of traditional attire along with a modern and sophisticated touch. So, why not have a look at those designs and be floored by them?

We have some of the best lehenga dupatta designs for you in here. Take a look at the works and weaves and the fabric to choose the best one for your wedding day.

Different Dupatta Styles For Your Wedding Lehenga

To complete the look of your lehenga designs, here are some of the best works when it comes to the dupattas. Have a look at them and be enchanted.

  • Kashida Embroidery

The motifs in the Kashika Embroidery are truly an inspiration from nature. One of the most traditional and ancient forms of classic dupattas, this one comes to us from the lands of Jammu & Kashmir. One look at the piece and you will be able to reflect the look of the perfect amalgamation of leaves and birds and pure natural beauty. These motifs weaved along with multi-colored beads and threads are the perfect example of classic embroidery. The rich texture of the dupattas works perfectly with the Lehenga designs, sarees as well as shawls. Try it out and see the magic happen for yourselves.

  • Phulkari Dupattas

Known to be the pride of the Punjabi tradition, this design consists of intricate patterns that are embroidered geometrically with silk on the cotton fabric. This particular artwork brings a certain charm to the silk, Chanderi, and georgette dupattas.

  • Rajasthan Odhni

From the lands of Odhnis, Rajasthan, this piece of elegant embroidery comes perfectly embellished with the best of the semi-precious stones and gems along with the silk thread that gives a feel of ethnicity to the dupatta. You can easily notice the intricate patterns of embroidery on the dupattas as they complete the perfect lehenga designs with a Rajasthani inspiration. What more can be said about the dupattas that come from the original source, right? You will definitely not go wrong if you try out this beautiful design on your wedding lehenga.

  • Bandhej Dupatta

Here we have got another one of the masterpieces from the Rajasthani workers. The Banghej Dupatta will be the classic example of traditional mirror designs which accentuate the work of the people who made it. Dazzling with the intricate Bandhanu style patterns and other embellishments, this one is a true work of art for sure. The art done in the fabric is so mesmerizing and elegant that it can make any bride look like the best they have ever been. The vibrant colors used for the design are an added touch of beauty for the dress. Pair it up with your Rajasthani lehenga and you will see the magic happen right here.

  • Kutch Embroidery

This impeccable design of Kutch Embroidery is from the lands of Kutch which is mesmerizing in itself. Take notice of the intricate bead and the mirror work done on the dupattas amalgamated perfectly with silk threads to give it a traditional and yet classy look. The vivid colors and patterns are all depictive of the daily lives of people who work hard to create such a masterpiece for the brides. You might also be floored by the intricate Abhala patterns that are inspired by Mughals and Muslins. A true gem in its own, the Kutch dupattas are just what you would need on your wedding day.

  • Kantha Embroidery

This is by far the oldest design that we have for you. But that doesn’t mean it is not pretty or elegant. A transcript of the time of the Vedas, the Kantha embroidered dupattas have a fabric that showcases the skills and works of the West Bengal rural women. With images, paints, and prints, they have successfully managed to create a piece that is so beautiful that it will bring a tear to your eyes.

So, these are some of the best designs of traditional dupattas that you need to try out for sure. Choose one of the best for your wedding day and make heads turn with your gorgeous and yet traditionally beautiful looks. Why the wait, ladies? Go check them out now.

Written by Sonali Lad

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