Interesting Places To See In Lanzarote

Interesting Places To See In Lanzarote

When it comes to some of the stunning places to visit for vacation, you might not have heard about Lanzarote. However, it has some lovely beaches. So, if you are in search of a perfect beach destination, you can book your ticket for Lanzarote. Here are some of the most interesting places to see in Lanzarote. So, if you wish to know about them, you can go through this blog.

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List of Interesting Places To See In Lanzarote


When I visited Lanzarote, I made sure to visit the following places. And I could say with immense pleasure that the decision was right. So, if you also want to make your journey a memorable one, you can cover these places when you come here for your vacation.


Lanzarote: Timanfaya National Park


Timanfaya National Park has volcanoes. You won’t have to run away from bubbling lava, so relax. Since 1824, the dormant volcanoes have not erupted. The enormous basalt terrain that covers about a fourth of the island was produced by massive eruptions from more than 100 of them between 1730 and 1736. The majority of it is currently a national park.

Walking across this breathtaking lunar landscape is extremely risky, but a coach tour offers an exhilarating perspective of the sea of lava with 25 craters. You may witness guides throw straw into a hole at the Montanas del Fuego center, where it ignites. The El Diablo restaurant uses geothermal heat to cook their food. An unconventional, fun way to travel is in an open-sided electric Twizy vehicle.


Museo Atlántico


Jason deCaires Taylor’s cement sculptures and people are on display in Europe’s first underwater sculpture museum in the water close to Marina Rubicon, where marine life is slowly settling.

Although Lanzarote is well known for its scuba diving, drifting through perplexing sculptures at a depth of 12 meters is a very other experience. Keep an eye out for the Raft of Lampedusa, which depicts a dingy packed with refugees.


Lanzarote: Famara surfing


Famara’s huge beach and reef breakers bring surfers from all over the world, but its 5-kilometer stretch of sand is enjoyable even for those who choose not to check into the green room. The hip small village behind it is brimming with vibrant surf bars, cafes, and hostels.

Build a sandcastle, run its length, or go paddling before ducking into Restaurante El Risco for a delectable fish lunch. Or enroll in a two-day surfing course.




It may be a little nerve-wracking to go to the hilltop village of Hara, but the result is a real chill-out atmospheric territory of towering palms, whitewashed homes, and tropical flora that feels like some lost Arabic paradise.

When you compare this to the garish resorts in the south, this place has a much more unique atmosphere. In a palm grove, see the Casa de César Manrique, one of the artist’s more cozy residences. A veritable hoard of bubble chairs, outrageous textiles and artwork, and incomplete pieces left just as they were in his last workshop may all be found here.


Lanzarote: Teguise


Teguise was founded in 1402. It is the oldest settlement in the Canaries and, because of its strategic location, served as Lanzarote’s capital for 450 years. It has a fantastic Sunday market and is full of lovely white buildings, squares, and palm palms (top buys: local cheese and leather bags).

It’s a beautiful area for exploring the bars and craft shops. You may find LagOmar, another Manrique invention, nearby in Nazaret. Visit the house made of lava and caves. This is furnished with shipwreck remnants. Then stop by the chic museum café.




This is a tiny settlement on the island’s northeast. Playa de La Garita is a pristine white beach where you can watch fishing boats bob in the harbor. There are excellent spots to have a straightforward, unhurried meal.

Marisqueria El Charcon, where the harbor protrudes into the sea, and there are steps to the ocean where people fish, is a surprisingly good spot to eat. It has plastic chairs and a generic aspect of a cheap and cheerful café, yet it serves plates of delicious fresh fish and chips that will make you smile.


Lanzarote: Los Ajaches


If you enjoy getting away from the towns, Los Ajaches. This is located in the southwest of the island and is undoubtedly among the greatest things to do in Lanzarote.

Because this protected section of the island is absolutely unique and breathtaking to explore, Los Ajaches is all about nature.

This is particularly true given that it has some of the island’s oldest volcanic structures. And it has some really spectacular trekking paths across this volcanic and desert region. Now, walking the hiking trails across the area can take many hours. So bring comfortable shoes and lots of sunscreens. If you are somewhere in the middle east and you are looking for a flight booking, you can call Qatar Airways Teléfono Españ. Qatar Airways is also efficient enough in providing both onboard and offboard facilities.

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