Human Hair Toupee: Solution For Human Hair Loss With Pros And Cons

We all want to look appealing and graceful, whether men or women, to make our personalities look elegant. Unfortunately, due to aging factors, hereditary issues, and medical issues, people cannot maintain their looks and have hair loss and other aging symptoms.

Therefore, nowadays, there are various male salons and female salon and spa that keeps human hair toupee. Some online websites have the best human hair toupee suppliers for their high-quality products and great service.

A human hair toupee is commonly known as a hairpiece, or a hair system made up of prostheses. It is a synthetic or natural hair worn to hide baldness and for any show or theatrical use. Nowadays, they are common among most Asian and European countries as it is the most popular way of hair transformation.

However, human hair toupee varies based on material, cost, level of craftsmanship, and quality of human hair toupee suppliers. This article will show the pros and cons and uses of human hair toupee.

Materials Used In Hair Human Toupee

The human hair toupee foundation is based on prostheses attached to the scalp to cover the baldness. The base is made up of two materials polymer and meshes. Also, they are composed of combinations.

Mesh fabric

A mesh is loosely woven made up of nylon or polyester constructed to the fine hairline to make hair look naturalistic and vivid. However, it cannot be used for long term purposes.

Moreover, they give an undetectable hairline and very light weighted, which makes hair look naturalistic. They are also very comfortable to carry because of which people consider these mesh fabric for a hair system.

However, they are costly and delicate, with less reliability and durability. This material is not long-lasting because of which you cannot use it for a longer period. Otherwise, they will react with body acid and can cause allergies and leads to early degradation.


Polymers-based hair systems are made up of silicone or polyurethane, which make your skin appearance look natural. They are used more than mesh fabric and have long durability, and people usually carry them for a long-time.

Additionally, they are less expensive than mesh fabric and easy to attach, and reliable. Thou, these fabrics can be uncomfortable to wear as they can make you feel hot. Also, if its hairline is not lace, it will even give an artificial experience.

The Hair Used in a Hair system

Hairs used in hairpieces are made on order depending upon the human hair texture, hair color, and type of hair (curly, wavy, or straight). Moreover, they are made based on your hair quality, like thick or thin. These custom made hairpieces prices vary depending upon the origin of the hair used in the human toupee. It can be made up of moderate human hair, artificial fiber, or animal hair.

Pros of using a hair system

These human hair toupees have certain benefits listed below, because of which it is preferred more than pharmaceutical hair restoration treatments including, hair replacement surgeries.

Whether it is hereditary or aging, patients with any hair loss conditions can use these hairpieces without any merges.

Gives 100% result spontaneously and cover your hair loss within minutes.

They are safer than pharmaceutical treatment as they have no serious side-effects.

Gives a realistic look.

It can be dyed and comfortable to wear.

It can be customized and quick and fast treatment for hair loss.

Cons of using a hair toupee

There are some disadvantages to wearing a toupee.

They are expensive and cost dollars to have a natural look.

Sometimes can look bulky and unnatural if you go for a moderate human hair hairpiece.

Need to be styled every day after every wash.

It can come off, a reason for embracement in events and parties.

Requires maintenance.

Uses of hair toupee

They are used for various purposes, including:



Cultural and religious events.

During the hair transplant session, as it takes time and covers temporary baldness, people carry them.

Used if the hair replacement surgeries are unsuccessful.

How to attach hair toupee

A liquid adhesive can Semi-Permanently attach these toupees on the scalped, and this process is known as poly bond and natural bond. It cannot be removed by yourself and is unhealthy for your head. Also, they need a stylist or professional to remove them once every six weeks.

Another method to attach hair toupee is temporary Adhesive-Attached, which are the simplest among the other attachments as they can be removed anywhere at any time. Moreover, it has double-side tape in it.

Moreover, there is also a clip attachment that contains metal clips that are attached to the base of the hair system. Also, they are easy and comfortable can be easily removed, just like tape.

Types Of Hair Toupee

Acrylic hair toupee

Acrylic hair toupee is a hair system that is washable and easy to carry. However, they can be easily damaged by using an electrical appliance like straighter and curler. Also, they can be affected by high temperatures, BBQ fires, and oven heat. Moreover, they are hot in summers and have a lifespan of 6 to 9 months.

Human hair

Human hair is realistic. People can use dyes and forceps on low settings for any parties or styling. They are cooler to carry and have a life span of 2 years. However, they are delicate and don’t have long-lasting color shade. Also, it needs to be wash every month depending upon the usage of the hairpiece.


Hair toupee gives a flawless look to humans and can be carried for a temporary time period to hide your hair loss. Moreover, they are less expensive than surgeries and less time-consuming. Hopefully, this article will help you to select a good quality hairpiece. Now get a hair toupee immediately and cover your baldness quickly.

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