How To Use Instagram To Give Your Business A Boost

When it comes to digital marketing, Instagram is an underrated gem. Instagram has an advantage over other social media networks in that it can provide the users with a lot of experiences of other people simply by scrolling through the newsfeed.

Brands are now aware of this and most brands now use Instagram to market to potential clients and sell their products.

However, the market is saturated with so much competition, that standing out from the rest and appealing to the masses is very difficult. One way you can do that is by hiring a digital marketing agency in USA that will work on making your account customer-friendly, although another way you can give your Instagram account a boost is by following these tips and tricks:

Engage Clients with Pictures that Tell a Story

Instagram is essentially a picture book, if you have an account for your brand use it to share content that grabs the attention of potential clients and customers. There’s a lot that people can learn about you through your Instagram account, so use it to create your brand image.

The content doesn’t have to be too creative, if you have a clothing brand you could share pictures of clients wearing your brand, or you could share a story that tells the audience what your brand values.

You can use Instagram to position your product in the mind of the audience and get your brand recognized. You should select a theme and use the same theme across all the pictures and content you share. In order to keep people interested in your brand, you have to maintain a flow, so the client is more likely to buy the product you are selling.

Collaborate with Influencers

If you have an Instagram account chances are you have seen a bunch of influencers in your newsfeed. In today’s digital world influencers are considered to be trendsetters, the public trusts their opinion about products and usually looks for a review before making a purchase.

To market your brand and sell more products you should seek influencers and collaborate with them. Marketing in this way will increase your audience and the consumers will be more likely to buy products that their favourite influencers are using. Influencers can not only access your engaged audience and motivate them to make a purchase but they are also able to bring in their own audience along with them. If your budget isn’t big enough to pay an influencer you can choose a bunch of micro-influencers to get a boost for your sales.

Use Customer Reviews When Advertising

When you are trying to attract new customers, the thing that works best is social proof. When you provide that any doubts in the potential customer’s mind wash away and if they were confused about whether or not to make the purchase, they are more likely to make the purchase now. So use the feedback that your previous customers provided as proof of your brand’s integrity and to drive more sales for your business.

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