How to choose Salon towels?

Are you planning to run a Salon Business?

After establishing a salon store in the right place, it is essential to get salon apparel and salon accessories that suit your shop’s interior theme. Among the salon accessories, “Salon Towels” occupies a large space in salon activities. After indulging in hair coloring and haircutting, clients require towels to wipe off.

It is a must to fill the Closet with many towels to avoid towel shortage in Business time. Towels must be clean and in a good state of use to make customers comfy and cozy. Managing Towels inventory is a long cycle of processes. Check the best women’s salon in boduppal for amazing services.

There are profound choices of salon towels available in the market. It’s worth your effort to choose appropriate towels among the tons of towels in the market. This blog makes you think about the following features of towels before purchasing them.

Quality of the towel:

Towels are used a lot regularly for various tasks. Additionally, they are in touch with chemicals all day. So, it must be sanitized enough for reuse. Over the few washes, fibers may lose their strength and will unravel to deteriorate the Towels. For avoiding that, buy towels with high durability. It also saves your money in the “very-often Towels replacement.”

  • Thread Count:

Towels are constructed by the threads that are woven together. “Thread Count” is the metric that is used to determine the quality of towels. The thread count is nothing but the fiber density of the towels. If you prefer fewer density towels, they will become thin and delicate after a few washes.

  • Size & Color of the Towel:

Could you wrap hair with a facecloth? Or could you dry off your hands with the bath towels?

The answer must be a Big No!!

Hence, choose various towels’ sizes to maintain a separate rack for washcloths or face towels, hand towels, and hair towels.

On the other hand, the color of the towel is an essential factor to consider. Black and white colors towels are the universal choice because they never fade quickly, even after many washes.

  • Types of Thread:

Generally, towels are constructed with Cotton fibers because they are organic, warm, soft, and fluffy. In recent days “Microfiber Hair towels” are very much preferred in Hair Salon. “Microfiber” is a synthetic fiber with high absorbency. High absorbent towels are fruitful because they can dry hair instantly and reduce wild frizzy hair. You have a choice in choosing towels concerning the type of yarn.

  • Chemical Resistant:

As we know, salon towels are in continuous exposure to harsh chemicals in hair coloring and other treatments. Chemicals can affect the fabric strength of the towels. To get rid of that issue, select bleach-resistant or bleach-proof towels for salon purposes. We can wash bleach-proof salon towels with bleach, and bleach wouldn’t react with the towels’ fibers.

Check these significant features before buying salon Towels. Put some effort into selecting the right salon towels to impress your customers to retain them in your service zone!!

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