How to choose amazing second-hand furniture in Dubai?


Home renovation and decorating projects don’t always have to be expensive and hard on the pocket. There are plenty of ways to stay within your budget and transform your space the way you want. If you’re planning to upgrade your furniture, buying second-hand furniture in Dubai for sale furniture stores is a great idea.

No matter whether you’re looking for second-hand indoor furniture or second-hand furniture for sale, there are plenty of places in the city where you can save a pretty penny. In this blog, we’ll share some tips for buying second-hand furniture in Dubai.

Tips for buying used furniture in Dubai

If you already know where to buy old and used furniture in Dubai for sale, you’ve done half the process. The city is full of places selling used sofas, beds, shelves, and everything related to indoor and outdoor second-hand furniture in Dubai. However, choosing the right place to meet your expectations can be a tricky business. Having narrowed down the long list of choices, here are some tips for shopping for second-hand furniture in Dubai that will help you decide if it’s worth shopping at the right place:

  • Analyse and research
  • Consider and analyze
  • Look at laminate/blanket furniture
  • Check out the veneer vs. soft furniture
  • Hardwood vs. solid wood
  • Children’s furniture
  • Recycling and reuse
  • Arts and crafts
  • Analysis and testing

Sometimes people make the mistake of buying items without checking them thoroughly. Whether you’re buying a vintage bed or an antique wooden wardrobe, it’s best to check every detail. We leave you with some footprints to follow:

  1. Look at the surface of the wood for damage or broken doors, cabinets, etc.
  2. Take a look at the back of the second-hand furniture in Dubai, and sit on the bed to see if it’s in good condition and doesn’t rattle.
  3. You don’t want the items you buy to be damaged or unreliable, so ask if they offer any kind of guarantee/warranty.

Become a sofa expert

Buying sofas may seem simple, but understanding their internal structure is complex. That sumptuous sofa in the second-hand furniture in Dubai store that you may find very fitting in your space may be a very poor fit. The only way to find out is after the purchase has been made and you have spent a good deal of time sitting on it.

Take a look at the fabric, upholstery, covers, and stitching. Move the cushions on the sofa, sit on it, check the springs and observe. If you feel something is wrong, you can always choose something else in the shop. Share your concerns with the salesperson too.

Consider upgrades and repairs

Not all laminate or veneer old furniture in Dubai is badly damaged or in poor condition. If some pieces aren’t made of hard, stiff, and prickly wood, that doesn’t automatically make them a bad choice.

Introducing a few repairs can make all the difference in your favor. Tape the peeling laminate surface of furniture pieces and you’ll find them more resistant to damage. We don’t recommend you do this yourself, if the shop offers the repair and refurbishment at a reasonable price, get it done right away.

Choose hardwood over softwood

When buying any item of second-hand furniture in Dubai, whether new or used, always choose hardwood over softwood. Maple and oak are wonderful materials to choose from. Just avoid choosing items built from pine.

The reason to avoid furniture made from softwood is that it always chips faster, gets damaged, and deforms quickly. Hardwood is reliable, safe, and lasts longer than most other materials. It can even look brand new with a little polishing.

Metal is a better choice

You don’t have to be a DIY expert or some kind of second-hand furniture in Dubai maker to know that metal is a much better option when it comes to repairs and the cost of doing so. Cast iron, alloys, and other metal elements are easy to repair. Metal needs some polishing and rust cleaning, and you’ll have a beautiful, shiny piece of furniture that’s ready to be decorated.

Check out our children’s furniture

Some manufacturers sell recalled second-hand furniture in Dubai for children’s stools. This can be risky, If you want something for your children, check the item’s history, manufacturing, and the like to see if said furniture is safe for your children.

Better safe than sorry! But remember, not all children’s furniture is sold for the reasons above, sometimes children are adults and that furniture needs a new home.

Remake, create, and reuse

Did you know that you can refurbish and reuse furniture for different purposes? You may be wondering how, but there are many ways to repurpose your antique furniture into a stylish new piece.

For example, you can turn an old dish rack into a useful filing cabinet. Try turning an old desk into two new bedside drawers. Another idea is to replace a dressing table mirror with a new bathroom vanity. This will help you reuse second-hand furniture in Dubai and save some space too. Keep looking for more creative ideas and save on your budget.

Handicrafts and decorating

As we mentioned above, there are many innovative ideas for recycling and reusing furniture. Harnessing your energy to get more creative with furniture pieces and decorating them can be very helpful for your artistic expression.

People make their own things all the time, you just need to regroup your supplies and some ideas to help you breathe new life into an old piece of furniture. Sometimes old furniture can become infested with pests, to avoid this, check out some tips to keep your home pest free.

Try different techniques to create furniture, instead of painting the whole piece, try using decorative wallpaper. Paint some fancy patterns on the nightstand you just made.

If you approach the purchase of second-hand furniture in Dubai more creatively and enthusiastically, you can completely change the portrait of your home. Check out a few home renovation tips as well. Add some colors and fabrics to help you in the process of transforming your home into an ethereal dream.

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