How to become a Smart Farmer of 21st Century – Useful tips

According to the stats provided by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the global human population is expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050. The agricultural sector will face enormous challenges as the food production will have to be increased by 70% to feed a population of this magnitude. The dilemma is that this increase in food production will necessarily have to be achieved despite the limited availability of arable land. The increasing need for freshwater (agriculture consumes 70% of the world’s freshwater supply) and other unpredictable factors such as climate change greatly impact.

One way to address these issues and raise the quantity and quality of agricultural production is to use ‘sensing technology’ and ‘precision agriculture’ to make farms more intelligent and connected.

What is Smart Farming and Who is a Smart Farmer?

Smart Farming is an emerging concept that points out to managing farms using modern Information Technologies to increase overall productivity while optimizing the required human labour. Sensors used to check the quality and quantity of soil, water, light, humidity, temperature management.

Smart Farming is a management concept that involves integrating advanced technologies into existing farming practices to raise agricultural products’ quality. Also known as ‘precision agriculture’, smart Farming is data-driven, software-managed and sensor-monitored.

Smart Farming is a system that reduces waste, develops productivity and enables the management of a greater number of resources through remote sensing. Smart Farming is also known as Precision Farming.

A smart farmer is one who uses the latest technology in Farming. Technology enhances productivity and provides comfort to the farmer. In other words, a smart farmer is a farmer who is comfortably doing higher production.

Start using the modern equipments for Farming:

Making use of Advanced equipment is the most important step to start with. If you understand how to deal with them, after that there is no hurdle. This changed your entire way of Farming. Here are some farming equipments that you should change right away,

Upgrade your old tractor with the modern Tractor :

A tractor is the most crucial piece of hardware used in Farming for a long, long time. A tractor is a basic need of every farmer, whether it is small or big. It acts like a multi-purpose machine which is used to perform different tasks on the farm. In recent times, tractor brands such as Swaraj Tractor have come with advanced features in their tractor. These tractors have all the smart features which fulfil all the needs of farmers. These smart tractors make all the farming work more relaxed and comfortable. tractor price starts from INR 2,60,000 and goes up to INR 8,40,000 in India.

Use farming implements in your agriculture business:

Farming implements are the machines which are used along with the tractor. Without the tractor, there is no use of it. Implements like Cultivator, Plough, Harrow, Rotary tiller, and many more make the work more comfortable and natural. The farmers who are not using the implement, they face low productivity and inefficient work. Brands manufacture the best quality of farming implements at a reasonable price. Using implements for your farm makes you a smart farmer.

Make proper use of harvesters :

Harvester is the combination of several machines used for agriculture. It can perform work such as winnowing, reaping, and threshing. All these tasks are performed by one machine called combine harvester. When you are farming on your farms, you have to use various machines such as tractors, implements, tools, and many more.

You can replace all other machines with a combine to minimize the machine’s crowd from the farm. Combine harvester also enhances the productivity of your farm and provides easy work. Making use of a combined harvester in your farms is a smart choice for you to become smart.

Make use of Farming Tools :

Farming tools provide effective and efficient work. It is beneficial for small farmers. Tractor tools make the farming work smoother. They are easy to handle and way more comfortable. Along with this, farming tools come with noise-free and less vibration.

These days, tools are manufactured with advanced technological solutions that provide heavy-duty work on the farm. Farm tools are also too reasonable. Almost every farmer can easily afford farm tools. Some tools are sprayers, power reaper, tarpaulin, power tiller, brush cutter, earth auger, etc. So using farm tools is an important step to become a smart farmer.

I hope you get a brief idea. For more information about the farming and Powertrac tractor  , stay tuned with us.

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