How Old Do You Need to be to Rent an Apartment?


When you are at the age of becoming an adult, renting an apartment might become a tedious task for you. However, the one question that must be tickling your mind is how old you need to be to rent an apartment.

Now, you are at your early age, so you must be looking for “affordable rentals near me”, well before that renting an apartment comes with plenty of challenges, there are lots of owners, who have the stereotypical mind, and they will not give you the flat for rent, just thinking you as an irresponsible youngster.

Moving ahead, the age at which you can rent an apartment varies on different factors like where you live, and what kind of apartment you want to stay in, there are chances that you are not looking for an apartment for too long and searching for furnished short term rental apartments.

Well, the answer to all these questions is, you can only rent an apartment, once you reach the age of majority, now what is the age of majority? Let’s understand in the next few lines.

What is the Age of Majority?

The age of majority refers to the age at which an individual is considered an adult legally. So, it is generally the age at which the person will be subject to full legal rights and responsibilities.

Moreover, once reaching the age of majority, that individual will be fully responsible for their own actions, and all the contractual obligations and undertakings.

Typically, the age of the majority lies between 18 to 21, depending upon the state laws. So, if you are under 18 and looking for “cheap apartments for rent near me“, then you are just wasting your time, you must cross your legal age to be an adult, then getting furnished short term rentals will be quite easier for you.

Well, you are indeed wasting your time, until or unless you don’t know the exceptions that can get you furnished short term rentals at an underage.

Exceptions to Minimum Rental Age Requirements

There is a law that provides different circumstances where a person who is under 18 can rent an apartment legally, sounds great! Finally, your search for “affordable rentals near me” is worth it.

So, this usually happens, when the minor gets the co-signing from their parents or guardian. There are different ways for it.

Entering the military

Under the current regulations of the military, the youngest age to get enrolled is 17.

Getting Married

There are many states that allow people who are under the age of 18, to get married and it’s legal there, but with the permission of the parents.

Getting a Court Order

In some states, the youngster, who is at the age of 14, can file a petition to individually manage their affairs under some circumstances.

However, with all these things, there is the last decision of the property owner, whether they are willing o rent their apartment to the minors, there are some apartments in Zambia like Forefronts Apartments, who are offering rental apartments, so you must get in touch with them, and see if they are willing to give you the apartment for rent, and there are chances that you will get furnished short term rentals from them.

Now, moving on, here are some independent landlord requirements that you must know before you are going to check out “cheap apartments for rent near me” because understanding the requirements of the landlord who is willing to trust you is more important.

Understanding Landlord’s Requirement

Although the age of the majority may be 18 in most states, some landlords may choose to restrict the number of tenants. It is not uncommon for landlords to require tenants to be 21 years old to rent a house, especially if it is a two-bedroom or more. This usually depends on the risk the landlord can take with the young person living there.

If you are 18 years old and have never rented a home, you will not have any references from previous landlords as proof that you are a good landlord and you probably will not have built up enough debt to get a status credit card as proof of your financial activity.

If the landlord doesn’t have tangible proof that you will pay your bills on time, it will be a big risk for them because they can stop paying if the landlord doesn’t pay. for their house.

If you’re planning to rent a smaller apartment, like a studio or one-bedroom, you can expect the rent to be more expensive than a two- or three-bedroom apartment.

So, for this reason, landlords may view small apartments as less risky and allow an 18-year-old to rent them, while larger and more expensive apartments may require tenants to be 21 years when they can have proof of good rental history. stable income and credit score as evidence of financial stability.

Summing Up

However, some states have set the age of majority as 18 to rent an apartment, so you can assume that above 18, you can get your dream place to live, till then it’s a good idea to research your state and search for “affordable rentals near me” so that you can filter out the best apartments for you.

Now, summing up the blog, if you have further queries, just write to us in the comment section below.

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