High-Calorie Foods that are Good for Health

High-Calorie Foods that are Good for Health

Gaining weight or adding muscles is a daunting task as compared to losing weight for some people. However, making healthy food changes to your diet is the best approach to gain weight healthily and effectively. If you are confused about how many calories are required for effective weight loss and gain then, you need not to stress about it. Just use the online calorie calculator that lets you know the exact amount of calories you are required to lose or gain weight. Keep on reading this guidepost to know the amazing food items that can help you in maintaining, losing, or gaining weight.

Food Items that are Good For Health:

Have a read of this post to find the best option for your healthy diet.


Consuming rice is a great option that can help you to gain weight. The best part is that they are easy to digest. That is why most nutritionists recommend adding rice to the diet for weight gain, loss, and maintenance purposes. It is a low-carb food item so you can incorporate this into your diet without any kind of fear. One cup of white rice is enough for you to provide 204 calories, 44 gm of carbs, and a bit of fat.

However, the amount of calories you need varies from person to person, so calculate your calorie intake before going on a diet for weight loss. To make the calorie calculation easier you can get the free assistance of a zig zag diet calculator. You can easily calculate your calorie requirements with the free calorie calculator that uses the Mifflin-St Jeor equation for BMR to find the calorie consumption estimation of an individual.

Nuts and Nut Butter:

Using nuts and nut butter is considered to be a great addition to your diet for achieving your weight gain goals. you can include one-fourth cup of raw almonds in your one-time meal is perfect for the fulfillment of your calories needs. one-fourth cup of almonds contains 6 grams of protein, 170 calories, and almost 15 grams of healthy fat. It is recommended to consume just two handfuls per day in a meal or you can use them as a snack also. Instead of adding nuts in an inappropriate amount use the calorie surplus calculator that tells the number of calories that you are required to consume for weight gain.

Red Meat:

When you are going on a diet to gain weight then, it is probably a good option for muscle building that you can use. Red meat is one of the best natural sources that can provide you with enough calories. It’s a great source of protein that can help you to grow your muscles. Red meat contains leucine, which is an amino acid that assists you to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. The more fattier meat you use to gain weight, the more calories you will get by consuming it. But you always have to consume an appropriate amount so try the calorie calculator to calculate your calorie intake depending on your physical activity level. The calorie calculator not only computes the calories intake but also allows you to plan your diet chart.


In this article, we have mentioned food items that contain high calories. By incorporating the listed above food items in your meal can help you in maintaining, losing, and gaining weight. For the exact estimation, we recommend you use the calorie calculator that can provide you with the exact amount of calories consumed each day.

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