Guidelines for Proper Foot Care for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes isn’t just harmful to your internal organs but also the outer skin. This is especially true for your feet. Given that your feet are exposed to general wear & regularly tear with the whole burden of your body falling on them, they need to be taken care of in the best way possible.

Further, diabetes might also cause serious nerve damage in your feet area, hence taking away any intense feeling. Regular use of arthritis foot massager ensures that you can get those feeling back on track while ensuring better foot health. Diabetes tends to reduce the blood flow going to your feet, making any injury healing process harder and can cause infection.

With a good neuropathy foot massager, you can keep things in line and maintain proper health for your precious feet.

However, there is a proper guideline that you need to follow as a diabetic patient.

Here is how to take care of your feet when suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes Foot Care: Why is it Necessary?

1-Inspect the Feet Daily:

One thing that is important for diabetic patients is to keep monitoring the health of their feet. Check for any types of blisters, cuts, swelling, redness, or any types of nail problems. You can make use of a magnifying mirror to take a closer look at the feet’s bottom.

In case you find any of these, make sure you consult with your doctor and get access to immediate treatment. Further, keep track of the healing progress and check whether the wound is drying out properly or not. Any white sticky residue or foul smell should be reported to your doctor immediately.

Any delay in the same might cause issues such as sepsis or muscle death.

2-Clean your feet with Warm Water:

When suffering from diabetes, the key is to keep your feet as clean as possible. Washing them regularly ensures there is no fungal or bacterial development in your feet. However, keep in mind that you should avoid using hot water as it can harm your feet skin instead of treating it.

Make sure you only use lukewarm water, which is a temperature that isn’t too hot and a bit higher than room temperature. After you are done washing the feet, make sure you wipe them clean with a dry and soft cloth that doesn’t bruise your sensitive feet.

This ensures that any dirt or debris is away from your feet that might be a source of bruising or nicking when you walk, stand, or run.

3-Moisturize the Feet Regularly:

When suffering from diabetes, your skin tends to get hard and bruises way too easily. Make sure you use a good moisturizer daily to help keep the skin from drying out. Failing to do this could lead to cracking or itching, which might make it prone to further injuries.

A good foot moisturizer ensures that the skin doesn’t break down due to friction or other issues. However, keep in mind not to moisturize the area between your toes. When you do this, it can lead to issues such as fungal infection.

4-Chop your nails carefully:

With diabetes, proper foot care is important. This stands true for nails as well. An uncut nail could be home to fungus, mold, or dirt particles that could cause unnecessary infection issues. Always cut your nail straight across & then file the nail’s edges. Make sure you don’t cut your nails way too short. This might lead to the possibility of ingrown toenails.

In case you have any concerns related to your nails, you must consult the doctor.

5-Experts should handle 5-Corns & Calluses:

Normally, it so happens that most of us try to get rid of the calluses or corns all by ourselves. While it might be fine for most, the rules don’t apply to people with diabetes. With diabetes, you need to be extra careful when it comes to taking care of your feet.

Avoid any bathroom surgery options or use of medicated pads. Anything like this should always be treated by doctors that are expert in this field. Further, ensure that the instruments used for the removal process are properly sterilized and do not house any particulate matters or bacterial coverage.

6-Wear Dry, Clean Socks:

People with diabetes tend to feel extremes of temperature due to sensitive skin problems. In case you feel way too cold at night, make sure you wear socks that are designed specifically for people with diabetes. Before you wear your socks and go to bed, you can try out a good foot massager for people with diabetes.

Diabetic socks come with extra-cushioning and help wick any moisture away with ease to ensure no unwanted sweating.


Apart from using the best foot massager for diabetics, you should definitely keep the feet dry and warm. To avoid any nicks or bruises, it is important to never walk without proper shoes or slippers designed for diabetes issues.

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