Everything you need to know about baby knitwear!

Knitting is a type of fabric construction that uses threads or yarns are made into clothes or crafts. It is basically a method that involves interloping of threads. Cotton knitting is knitting using cotton fibers. Cotton, known for its softness, absorbing, and breathable quality, is the most popular and utilized fabric across the world. Cotton is a natural material and absorbs sweat, unlike synthetic materials. The soft and lightweight nature of cotton makes it the best fabric, especially for people in tropical places. 


For babies, knitted cotton is an excellent choice as their skin is delicate. However, the common cotton clothes you get have many chemicals in them that have been imbibed by the fabric throughout the manufacturing process. If you are looking to avoid chemicals, then the best bet is organic cotton clothing. They have no harmful chemicals, and the brands that offer organic clothing must be certified. For example, GOTS is a very reliable certification. They inspect every stage, perform suspense inspection, and won’t take any product that is faulty. Tiny Twig is one of the brands that offer natural organic cotton clothes that is GOTS certified for babies under two years.

Here are some Baby Knitwear options that you must definitely consider for your baby this winter!

Knitted Hoodies: Hoodies are the essence of winters! Knitted cotton hoodies keep the baby warm and snug. You can use it as a layer above t-shirts or dresses. Hoodies generally come in three types – hoodies with buttons, hoodies with zips, and hoodies like t-shirts. It is recommended for babies to use zips or buttons because it is easier to wear and remove. T-shirt type of hoodies might be a little problematic around the neck area, and every time you try to put it through the head.

Knitted dresses: Knitted dresses are cosy, subtle, and gives a pleasant look. Knitted dresses are comfortable to wear and fit beautifully because the material is a bit thick.

Knitted pajamas: What’s more comfortable than being in pajamas! Pajamas made of knitted cotton are very soft. Ensure the waistband is not too tight or loose for the baby. Tight waistbands can cause a lot of discomfort to your child.

Knitted beanie: Beanies don’t just add style to your but also regulate babies’ body temperature. Yes! Beanies are essential for babies as they are just developing their immune systems and cannot regulate their body temperature on their own. Knitted beanies that are adjustable can be used for a longer duration as you can loosen them when the baby grows.

Knitted Cardigans: Winters bring out the style! Cardigans come with or without sleeves, and babies look adorable in them. Cardigans are famous for layering! They are the best to keep your baby warm. 

However, knitted cotton may not keep your baby completely warm as cotton cannot retain heat. If you are in a cold place, then you may want to go for wool knits.

If you are a fan of knitwear, you must try organic cotton for your baby. It is necessary to prioritize comfort over fashion for babies as their skin is tender. However, if you choose your brands correctly, then you may not have to compromise on style and comfort. 

Written by Lana Murpy

I am Lana Murpy, a post-graduate in humanities and communications, and an inquisitive person who loves writing. My forte is digital marketing and everything that has to do with phones and screens. I’m working for Tiny Twig . I am someone who believes that one person can make a change and that's precisely why I took up writing which is the best tool to communicate these days. I have a decade of experience in writing and marketing.

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