Coronavirus Drugs And Vaccines: How Close Are We To The Vaccine?

There are many new cases that come day by day in a different part of the world, even at the outbreak of the epicenter in China. As the COVID spread globally, more than 90,000 people infected, 3000 peoples was dead. Doctors have noticed that very few children have been infected with this virus. Generally, children had mild cases.

Coronavirus has already shown that it has the potential to kill a human. Generally, corona catches older people and people with poor health conditions. Due to its potential WHO (world health organization) declared COVID-19 as a global emergency back in January.

The one good news is that with the help of medical solutions, the world will come up in better shape: the research center and pharmaceutical companies developing a new way to prevent coronavirus. Scientists found the key to end this outbreak as a vaccine. But it will take some time.

We will run through crucial vaccines and drugs in the development phase, the new technologies and collaborations behind them, and how far they are from reaching humans with massive production. Let’s go through this guide:

Inovio Pharmaceuticals

Approach: Vaccine

Stage: Preclinical

Inovio Pharmaceuticals is are working to turn DNA into medicine, and they believe in their technology to quickly develop vaccine of coronavirus. Working with CEPI, Inovio has come up with a DNA vaccine it believes can create protective antibodies and keep patients pout from infection. The company has partnered with a Chinese manufacturer company, Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology, and is working through pre-clinical development with INO-4800. The company expects to progress into clinical trials later this 2020.


Approach: Vaccine

Stage: Preclinical

Same as Moderna, CureVac uses human-made mRNA to spur the production of proteins. And, it got a grant from the nonprofit Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations to apply its technology against coronavirus. CureVac has said it expects to have ready for human testing within a few months. The company is also working with CEPI on manufacturing technology, and they allow health care workers to rapidly-produce vaccines to respond to the virus.

Moderna Therapeutics

Approach: Vaccine

Stage: Phase 1

Moderna Therapeutics set a record in the drug industry with mRNA-1273, a vaccine candidate identified just 42 days after the novel coronavirus was outbreak China. This company is closely working with the national institute of health. If mRNA-1273 proves itself to be safe for humans, the two companies will enroll hundreds of more patients to determine the vaccine protects against infection or not. This vaccine designed to convince human cells to develop antibodies against the coronavirus.

Gilead Sciences

Approach: Treatment

Stage: Phase 3

It is a part of the treatment of coronavirus. It has been used already to treat infected people in the US. Later in February, Gilead will recruit about a thousand patients infected with the coronavirus to determine whether multiple doses of remdesivir can reverse the infection. The main goal of this treatment is to reduced temperature and help patients to get out of the hospital within 15 days in the recovery stage. Earlier, this drug fails to fight with the Ebola virus, and now it plays an important role.


Approach: Vaccine

Stage: Preclinical

GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world’s biggest vaccine manufacturers, is lending its technology to a Chinese biotech firm at work on a coronavirus vaccine. Under one recent agreement, GSK is providing its proprietary that enhances the effectiveness of vaccines, a privately held company based in Chengdu. Clover’s approach involves injecting proteins, that help the body to resist infection. The company has not clear about when the vaccine will be ready for human testing.

Johnson & Johnson

Approach: Vaccine and treatment

Stage: Preclinical

Johnson & Johnson, which has in the past, responded to the Ebola and Zika viruses, is taking the approach to fighting against coronavirus. Earlier, this company was developing a vaccine that would help patients to deactivate the virus. Johnson & Johnson is working with the federal Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority for infected people and might work against the coronavirus.

Written by Zara Khan

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