Clothing Accessories That Enhance Your Personality

If personality is the real you, then a good outfit is synonymous with being a door to your personality. What you wear and how you carry it is the perfect representation of what you are feeling, your character traits, your sense of style, and the mood you’re currently in.

The colours that you wear, the amount of bling and sparkle that you add, the kind of jewellery you put together with it, and the shoes you put on are all speaking volumes about you as a person.

No outfit is complete without accessories. As small or unrelated as they may seem, they help bring the whole look together by tying it all up seamlessly.

Why are accessories important?

Accessories are a great way to add a personal taste of style and uniqueness to your outfit that screams ‘YOU’. It is an expression of preference that offers unlimited opportunities for clothes.

The same clothes, when paired with different accessories, will add a whole different dimension to your look. They also make you look more stylish and attractive.

Trendy Clothing Accessories for 2021

We have compiled a list of the must-have clothing accessories that you definitely need to have this year. You may also grab your favourite scarves and wraps using the Monticello discount code for a fashionable look that is easy on your pocket.Silk scarves

  • Whether you wear them for religious reasons or for more adventurous looks like wearing them as a top. Silk scarves are the perfect accessory this season.
  • Wear it on your head or tie it to your bag, you’ve got yourself a multi-purpose accessory in fun, floral, bold prints to give you a fun, inspiring look.
  • They can also add a pop of colour to your monotonous outfits that give it a whole new feel of contrast.


  • The new Spring/Summer 21 collection has brought a wide array of different bags that are truly a must-have, in my opinion. However, the candy colour trend and cross-body bags are my favourites by far. The bright candy colours make you stand out in a crowd, and the cross-body bags give you that subtle youthfulness that is up to your dressing game.
  • That is not all dearies. Another popular this season is the classic canvas beach bag which is getting more attention than the basket bags. I don’t know about you, but the beach or no beach, I am surely getting one solely based on the practicality of this bag. It is perfect for any summer plan.


  • These are essential accessories with every outfit. Sunglasses are just so classy and trendy. They give you this aura of confidence and style that makes you prominent in a crowd.
  • With a variety of shapes and designs to choose from, keep experimenting and trying on new looks to add a different flavor to your outfit each time.
  • A fun shape would be perfect for partying and fun times, whereas plain black rectangular sunglasses are unusual and minimalist. The retro bug-eyed sunglasses add an instant vintage glamour to any outfit and are the classiest on the block.

Statement Jewellery

  • The new trend of statement jewellery that we are witnessing this year is a whole new vibe that is both exquisite and modern. Big chunky jewellery, lots of layering, and intricately done designs are a total must-have.
  • Gold is back with a bang, I must say! It provides so many opportunities to revamp your old outfits into classier, more stylish versions that exude style and passion, and uniqueness. Lots of gold bracelets and long-chain necklaces are going to be your favourite this year.

Scrunchies and Claw clips

  • This trend from the ’90s is likely going to stay around for a little while longer. Thanks to us women who are so in love with it!
  • Oversized, fluffy scrunchies in various textures like organza, silk, and taffeta make for a perfect accessory to add that oomph factor to your not-so-flattering summer ponytails and up dos.
  • If you think that’s all you can do with these, then boy are you wrong! They make for a cool accessory on your wrist.
  • Claw clips are another accessory being flaunted by fashion influences and celebrities on social media, making them a must-have item. These blasts from the past accessories have been added with some modern touches that make for an adorable hair accessory that looks chic and a practical choice.
  • It is also perfect for simple hairstyles like easy half-up, half-down hairstyles that go well with all outfits.

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