Camping Gear Items Every Camper Should Have

Whether you’re a backyard camper or a glamping pro, these camping gear items are a must-have. They’ll help you have the most comfortable and enjoyable trip possible!

Unlike inflatable options, this lay-flat sleeping pad raises you off the ground so you can avoid feeling every pebble and twig. Plus, it packs down into a stuff sack to make it easy to store and transport.

Sleeping Bag

Camping trips can be made or broken by a restful night’s sleep. Whether you’re camping in an RV or tent, having a comfortable sleeping bag is essential to ensure that you stay warm and comfortable throughout the night.

A quality sleeping bag should keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, depending on your location. The right sleeping bag should fit you well so that it’s not too tight or too loose. It should also have a built-in hood and be designed to maximize heat retention.

Having proper rain gear is also important, especially if you’re camping in an area that gets frequent storms or in the mountains. Having a waterproof poncho, such as this one from GSI Outdoors, is a great way to stay dry and protect yourself from the elements. You’ll also want to bring a pair of rain boots, an umbrella and a tent.

If you’re planning on doing some cooking while camping, having the right cookware is a must. A set like this Pinnacle Camper Cookware Set from GSI Outdoors comes with everything you need to prepare meals while on the go, including four polypropylene plates, four bowls, and four insulated mugs. Plus, this set folds into a welded sink/stuff sack, making it easy to pack and store.

If you’re a beginner camper, you should also invest in a camping tool set to make setting up and taking down your tent a breeze. A tent peg wrench and hammer will help you secure your camping site, while a tent pole extender is great for expanding the living space of your tent. A tarp is essential to protect your RV from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause premature wear and tear on tires. Additionally, as you prepare for your camping adventure, consider exploring opportunities to save on your camping gear and essentials, such as the White Duck Outdoors Discount Code, to make your purchases more budget-friendly.


One of the most overlooked pieces of camping gear is a good set of chairs. Whether you’re staying at an established campground, in your tent or RV, or at a wild campsite away from any structures, having a comfy camp chair will make the experience far more enjoyable. They’ll take the weight off tired hiking legs or offer a place to sit while you boil up a cup of coffee in the morning.

The best camping chairs are made from weather-resistant materials and built to withstand rugged outdoor use. They should also be able to comfortably hold the weight of an adult, and be easy to fold flat and store in your vehicle or backpack. Look for nylon-coated fabrics that are easy to wipe down and resist water and moisture, or try a lightweight, durable aluminum frame (which is lighter than steel but still sturdy). Backpackers can even find super light, ultra-compact camp chairs that fold up smaller than a water bottle and fit into the outer pocket of their packs for those speediest of wild camping adventures.

Some camping chairs also feature handy creature comforts, like cupholders. This is a great feature to have if you plan on spending most of your time in the tent and want to keep your hot beverages nearby and off of the ground, where they can easily get covered in dirt and debris. Other features to consider when shopping for a camping chair include the frame construction material and the type of padding. The majority of camping chairs on the market have foam padding, but there are also options with a closed-cell foam coating that offers more durability and an ultralight carbon fiber option that’s even sturdier than aluminum but much, much lighter.

Bug Spray

Bugs are the bane of many outdoor enthusiasts’ lives. These swarming pests can leave itchy, irritating bites and can even carry diseases such as West Nile virus, malaria, Lyme disease, Zika virus, and tick-borne encephalitis. Luckily, there are a wide range of bug sprays available, both natural and chemical-based. They can be vital camping gear items for campers and hikers to protect against mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other biting insects.

Another way to help ward off bugs when camping is by setting up citronella candles or torches around your campsite. Citronella has a very pleasant aroma and works well at repelling both mosquitoes and wasps, especially in the evening. It’s also a great way to create a peaceful environment for relaxing in your tent or cabin.

If you want to be extra prepared for your camping trip, bring a small first aid kit. Having a first aid kit with items like bandaids, anti-itch cream, and a first aid manual is important for any camping excursion. A simple, compact first aid kit is ideal and can be purchased pre-assembled from a variety of retailers.

Lastly, a pair of earplugs or an eye mask are good things to have for sleeping in while camping. The sun comes up early and waking up from the noise of birds, roosters, and other campers can be hard on your senses. Thankfully, most earplugs allow you to hear noises but can block out other noises that might keep you awake. An essential oil diffuser can also be a great camping gear item for campers. It will freshen up the air inside the RV and can offer a variety of health benefits such as relaxation, sleep enhancement, and stress relief.


Sunscreen is an essential item for any camping trip. Not only does it prevent painful sunburns, but it can also protect against skin cancer and other skin problems. Make sure your campers take care of their skin while camping by encouraging them to apply sunscreen regularly throughout the day.

In addition to sunscreen, it’s a good idea to have other items to keep your campers comfortable while camping, like hats and sunglasses. Also, having a large sun umbrella is a good idea when camping during the summer to help your campers stay cool and protected from the rain.

Having some camp games is another great way to keep your campers entertained at the campsite. These games don’t take up much room in the car and will provide hours of fun for your campers. Plus, they’re a great way to encourage socializing with one another while at the campsite.

Indoor campsite essentials vary depending on what kind of campsite you’re staying at, so it’s important to have a checklist of items that your campers will need when camping inside. For example, if you’re camping in an RV, it would be a good idea to bring a sleeping bag and chairs and to have a blanket for cold nights.

It’s also a good idea to have extra tent stakes and a pole splint, as well as a water filter in case you need to get water from a lake or river. And don’t forget a flashlight, which will be useful for finding things in the dark when it gets late at the campgrounds. Also, don’t forget a set of camp tools to help you with basic maintenance around the campsite. Additionally, as you prepare for your camping adventure, consider exploring opportunities to save on your camping gear and essentials, such as the Sport and Outdoor Discount Code, to make your purchases more budget-friendly.


Whether you’re glamping or roughing it, some toiletry items are a must when camping. For instance, a first aid kit is important as you never know what might happen when camping. A simple kit with bandaids/bandages, blister patches, gauze, and tape can go a long way in an emergency!

Another must-have is a pair of tweezers. These are useful for removing splinters or other pesky critters you may encounter. Plus, they can also help remove stubborn food particles from the inside of your camper.

Showering can be a bit tricky when camping, so it’s always best to pack shower gel and shampoo. This will allow you to get clean and avoid the dirty, stinky feeling of a lingering body odor. Don’t forget to bring a towel so you can dry off.

A quick-drying towel is essential when camping as you want to be able to dry off quickly after washing your hands, face, and body. We love this towel from Thinksport as it is designed specifically for athletes and surfers who need a towel that can dry quickly.

You’ll also want to bring toilet paper and two sealable bags for it. This helps prevent messy disposal when you’re in the wilderness and gives you a chance to recycle your used toilet paper. You should also include a razor and shaving cream for men.

You’ll want to organize your toiletries and other camping gear in a toiletry bag or travel organizer to keep everything organized and easy to find. A hanging toiletry bag is ideal because it allows you to hang the bag from a hook in a small camp washroom or on a tree when washing in a stream. The stow-away swivel non-slip hook is also great for RV camping as you can easily hang it from the door handle of your camper.


There are several essential camping gear items that every camper should have. These include a tent, sleeping bag, camping stove, cooler, and headlamp. Other useful items include a portable water filter, camping chairs, and a first aid kit. It’s important to pack appropriately for the trip and ensure that all gear is in good condition before heading out. With the right gear, camping can be a fun experience for everyone involved.

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